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Operation CHROMITE
6:20 PM Sat 15th Sep 2018 (GMT/UTC +1.0)
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Operation CHROMITE
By Condoxy

Era: Millennial COIN.
Forcetype: Motorised.
Vehicles: Land Rover Snatch.
Attachment: Anti-Material Rifle EOD Team.

Current Weather: Sunny.
Future Weather: Sunny.
Map: @diyala

Conflict Overview:
The Iraq War began on the 20th of March, 2003, with the invasion of Iraq by an American-led coalition that overthrew the government of Saddam Hussein. The war continued for much of the next 10 years as an insurgency transpired to oppose the occupying forces and the post-invasion Iraq government.

Recent Events:
The rebel forces have seized an embassy in Iraq and taken the ambassador of Iraq hostage and demanded we give 25 million pounds in exchange for him, and if we don't pay up they will kill him. The USMC have secured an area south of the embassy but have not yet cleared the areas around, so there may be insurgents and IED's so we are warned to be careful. 

Destroy the radio tower.
Seize the FOB.
Rescue the ambassador from the embassy.
Clear the bridge of IED's.

Situation OPFOR:
Weapons: AK47, PKM, FAL.
Uniform: Regular civilian clothes with military accessoires.  
Vehicles: Technicals.

Situation Civilians:
Population: In and around villages.
Allegiance: Undecided.

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14th Sep 2018
Apologies, will be unable to attend. All the best.
10th Sep 2018
sounds like a SAS OP
Chat Box
[TWC] Vieira 11:40
Hell Let Loose is actually good. Recomend a Game night with it. cheers
Daniel 12th Nov
Eyyy, sup Jefro?
[TWC] freez 12th Nov
sounds good
JEFRO 12th Nov
IM STILL HERE !!! checking up on you guys , sorry i havnt been around , i gotta job working nights sat - tuesday and i got a 3 month old baby yea i havnt had time to sleep let alone play i hope you all good , if i get any time i jump on and play with you mo fo's
[TWC] jayman 9th Nov
I'm 15 minutes away from joining
[TWC] Rik 9th Nov
Nope, BI borked it, so we can´t update.
[TWC] Mr T 9th Nov
no repo update for ops and trainings since last week?
[TWC] Chaza 9th Nov
Need a 2ic! Someone step up!
[TWC] Mc_Jazza 9th Nov
And don't forget to vote!
[TWC] Mc_Jazza 9th Nov
Cold war gone hot mechanised! What more could you want!
[TWC] Chaza 9th Nov
Need a few more sign ups chap, and crucially the anit tank team!
[TWC] Mc_Jazza 9th Nov
[TWC] Hobbs 8th Nov
training's on a wednesday, and check heart rate first as blood pressure is only relevant inside a vehicle
[TWC] zurxo 8th Nov
TIL that Hobbs doesn't understand the medical system.
[TWC] zurxo 8th Nov
u wot
[TWC] Hobbs 8th Nov
today I learned that zurxo doesn't know the medical system
[TWC] Hartley 8th Nov
Blood pressure...?
[TWC] zurxo 8th Nov
Don't forget to check blood pressure before treating )))
[TWC] Sarge 8th Nov
Cant vouch for anything if I'm dead
[TWC] Hartley 8th Nov
Sarge will vouch for my medical skills...RIP
Operation HEX
3 Days, 2 Hours, 25 Minutes and 16 Seconds
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