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Operation SUSSUDIO
7:20 PM Sat 6th Oct 2018 (GMT/UTC +1.0)
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Operation SUSSUDIO
By Mr T and Condoxy

Era: Modern.
Forcetype: Air Mobile.
Vehicles: Chinook.
Attachment: Sniper Team.

Operation Start: 03.45.
Current Weather: Calm, Light Overcast, Light Fog.
Future Weather: Calm, Clear.
Map: Malden 2035, in base ArmA 3.

Conflict Overview:
General Fiel Collins has installed himself as de facto dictator of Neo Malden, a small Island off the west coast of Africa, colonised by immigrants of French and Spanish descent. During WW2 it became a protectorate of the United Kingdom and since then they have always kept a small garrison on the island to augment the local militia and army. General Fiel, a once popular musical performer emigrated to the Island in the early 80’s after an extremely popular pop concert on the Island.  Over the years, against all odds, General Fiel has slowly grown his power base on the island particularly amongst the authoritarian militarists. 
Recent Events:
Some six weeks ago General Fiel came to power in a military coup. Promising his supporters “I'll get you everything you wanted, I'll get you everything you need, you don't need to believe in hereafter, just believe in me”.  The coup itself was relatively bloodless meaning there has been little displacement of the civilian population. 
Attempts at a diplomatic solution have failed. Fiel stating "I've been waiting for this moment for all my life." He has been cracking down on the so-called liberal elite on the Island to consolidate his power base. This tactic seems to have backfired leading to the creation of an Anti-Fiel resistance; the AFLA (Anti-Fiel Liberation Army). The small country now literally has two hearts living on just one Island. Our intelligence operatives have been in contact with the AFLA and we will provide mutual support where possible, it's a game of give and take. 

Intelligence reports a reinforcement of coastal areas with mines and anti-air batteries. A low, fast insertion via chinook should be able to avoid any anti-air. The small regular army has been augmented by militia forces.

Secure the beachhead (AFLA partisans will mark the safest LZ with orange smoke).
Eliminate anti air battery 1.
Eliminate anti air battery 2.
Destroy the communications tower and secure the communications base.
Capture the town of Lolise and secure the local police station.

Situation OPFOR:
Weapons: AK-47,PKM, RPG-7, SVD, GP-25, Kord, Mortar, SU-23.
Uniform: Blue/Gray Militia , regular camo Army, urban camo Military Police.
Vehicles: T-55, T-72, BTR-60, BRDM, URAL, UAZ.

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30th Sep 2018
Why do I get the feeling I'm far too young to truly appretiate the effort that went into that background?
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Sign up for the op my dudes
[TWC] Lukey 20th Apr
What a meme
[TWC] jayman 20th Apr
Next time someone complains about accurate AI play this: ... amp;
[TWC] freez 19th Apr
public time
[TWC] Aleyboy 19th Apr
I’ll be there
[TWC] freez 19th Apr
[TWC] Hobbs 19th Apr
Pub tonight?
[TWC] Vieira 17th Apr
fricking art
Operation FALCHION
3 Days, 16 Hours, 39 Minutes and 52 Seconds
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