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Operation TRITON
7:20 PM Sat 20th Oct 2018 (GMT/UTC +1.0)
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Operation TRITON
By Rik

Era: 1990s.
Forcetype: Amphibious.
Vehicles: Offshore Raiding Craft (GPMG).
Attachment: Gazelle AH.1 (GPMG, SNEB HE Unguided Rockets).

Operation Start: 8:30, 24/01/1994. 
Current Weather: Frigid, overcast.
Future Weather: Frigid, clear.
Map: @panthera_a3

Conflict Overview:
Since the end of the Cold War, many of the worlds communist regimes have fallen or otherwise liberalised. A small island nation in the Baltic; the People’s Democratic Republic of Panthera, has also been subjected to these new western influences. In 1990 the communist party approved a reform towards a more liberal parliament with open elections, but less than half a year later a coup by hardline communist generals took place, after which the upcoming elections were promptly cancelled. Many of the democratic parties formed a rival government on the island, after which a civil war broke out. For years the Russians were unwilling to intervene either way in the conflict due to economic concerns, and Western governments did not want to upset the Russians by intervening in what was still perceived as the Russian sphere of influence. Without outside support the civil war quickly stagnated, neither side being capable of executing any assaults.

Recent Events:
About a month ago NATO-Russian summits finally solved the issue of the Panthera conflict. Yeltsin’s government gave the green light for a NATO intervention, providing the US did not send troops. As such, the British will be leading the expeditionary force, with Germany and Norway providing extra land forces and the Netherlands and Denmark sending naval and air support.

British forces, deploying from HMS Illustrious, will be making the first assaults on communist-government held areas close to the democratic controlled areas. To enable reinforcing troops to land in force, a port and airfield are to be seized. To provide relief for government forces, two communist garrisons are also to be pacified. Democratic government forces will not be advancing and are unlikely to be encountered. Any movement will be forewarned.

Seize the port at New Skooma.
Pacify the garrison at Asabana Army Base.
Pacify the garrison at Taff Grove.
Seize airfield Fortieste.

Situation OPFOR:
Weapons: SA-58, RPK-74, AKS, RPG-7, UK-59.
Uniform: Brown/Grey/White camouflage, Soviet style helmets.
Vehicles: BTR-40, BRDM-2, UAZ, Ural Truck, T-55, ZSU-23.

Situation Civilians:
Civilians may be present in the area, but are expected to avoid military controlled areas.

Situation BLUFOR:
Weapons: SA-58, RPK-74, AKS, RPG-7, UK-59.
Uniform: Civilian clothing,  Brown/Grey/White TTsKO.
Vehicles: BTR-40, BRDM-2, UAZ, Ural Truck. 

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