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Operation DEDWEN
7:20 PM Sat 3rd Nov (GMT/UTC +1.0)
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Operation DEDWEN
By Rik

Era: Modern.
Forcetype: Mechanised.
Vehicles: FV510.
Attachment: Apache AH.1.

Operation Start: 17:00, 01/07/2017.
Current Weather: Clear.
Future Weather: Clear.
Map: @isladuala_a3

Conflict Overview:
The island of Duala lies 200 kilometers east of the islands of Zanzibar and was made the  German protectorate of Dualaland in 1894, when the tribes of Duala were defeated in the Dualan-German War. With the Treaty of Versailles Duala was handed over to the British as the Protectorate of Duala, gained it's nominal independence in 1967 as the Kingdom of Duala under close British supervision, due to its strategic location and natural resources, including large deposits of rare earth metals. While there have been separatists and nationalist movements against the royal Amani Dynasty, who are regarded as a British puppet, notably with the Amanraa-Tribe uprising in 1982 and the continued resistance of the fundamentalist-christian-nationalist rebels Sacred Duala Defense League (SDDL) under the leadership of Edward Siwazuri, who did flee the country after british intervention in 1991.

The death of Dualas first king Joseph I. in March 2016 sparked a civil war which in turn resulted in a British intervention. The intervention was a partial failure: It resulted in the death of the leading figures of both sides of the civil war. However, the commander of the local British Forces assumed control of the island and sustained good relations with the United Kingdom.
This May however, the British commander cut off relations to the United Kingdom. He has since then assumed total control of the government and crowned himself King Charlie I. During his coronation he stated that he would completely overhaul the countries communications equipment and procedure. In order to acquire funds for this massive project he has since seized control of British mining facilities among other assets.Theresa May, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, has vowed to not tolerate such damages to her strong and stable government and has ordered an invasion of Duala to seize it as the first member of a Post-Brexit Pan-British economic sphere.

Recent Events:
Following the establishment of a secure beachhead during Operation BESET, British mechanised forces have now landed and the nearby airfield has been occupied and reinforced. It is now important for British forces to break out from this island and establish a bridgehead on the next island. Besides this, there are also a remaining number of AA installations in the area, these installations are no longer operable due to the destruction of enemy radar in Operation BESET, but these are still occupied and may pose a threat if the enemy brings up other radar units. Furthermore, command wants the main airport in the region knocked out as soon as possible. Although it recognizes that this cannot be done during this operation, it still wishes for this operation to setup a jump-off point for next operation.

Destroy AA installation 1.
Seize enemy base.
Seize bridge.
Destroy AA installation 2.
Secure jump-off point.

Situation OPFOR:
Weapons: M16A2, M240, M21, M4, MAAWS, M47, FIM-92 Stinger, M2, 
Uniform: 5 colour desert camouflage.
Vehicles: M113, M60, Land Rover, M163.

Situation Civilians:
Population: All villages in the area have civilian presence.
Allegiance: The policies of Charlie I. have been well liked among the population. They are unlikely to form armed resistance, but they may not cooperate either.

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Public tonight again?
Operation BANSHEE
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