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Operation CONDOR
8:20 PM Sat 12th Jan (GMT/UTC +1.0)
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Operation CONDOR
By  [1QDG]  Green  &  [TWC]  Rik 
Era: Cold War.
Forcetype: Amphibious/Armoured.
Vehicles: RHIB Raider, Mk10 Landing Craft, Landrover Wolf, FV107 Scimitar CVR(T).
Attachment: 2x Harrier Jump Jet. 1x HC4 Chinook. 
Operation Start: 01:30 Local Time, 13.05.84
Current Weather: Visibility Poor (1-2Km), Rain, Rough Sea State.
Future Weather: Visibility OK (2-3Km), Rain, Rough Sea State.
Map: In Joint Operation Repository.
Conflict Overview:
After successive international and domestic crisis the Soviet Union has finally snapped. The red storm is set to roll across the West. The battle for Germany rages and the Soviet advance is beginning to lose momentum. Recognising this they have elected to open new fronts in the hope of crippling NATO's northern flank. The battle for Norway has begun. 

The Soviet operational strategy has seen them occupy key islands and ground, by means of amphibious and air landings, along the Norwegian coastline in order to isolate and enable the destruction of the Norwegian army. The Caribou archipelago sits on the south western approach to the Narvik Fjord. Whoever controls this island controls the sea approaches to Narvik and by extension the land approaches to the rest of Norway - it was once the site of fierce fighting between the British and Germans during the Invasion of Norway in 1940. 

It is imperative that this archipelago is secured for NATO. However the Soviets have already begun their conquest and control over two thirds of the main island. The remainder of the Norwegian garrison hold out to the west but are in desperate need of relief. A RN taskforce, laden with a hastily assembled battle-group, is enroute. If the archipelago falls Norway will follow...
Recent Events:
04.05.84 - Soviet Union and Warsaw Pact invade West Germany. 
07.05.84 - Soviet advance stalls.
09.05.84 - Soviet Navy achieves temporary dominance in the North Norwegian Sea. Begins Amphibious and Land invasion of Norway. Narvik is identified as the Soviet Main Effort. 
10.05.84 - The Narvik Fjord is largely made safe for Soviet shipping. The Caribou archipelago is still contested but the Norwegian Garrison is unable to block Soviet Shipping. 
11.05.84 - NATO regains operational dominance in the Norwegian Sea. A relief taskforce is well on its way to begin operations to relieve Narvik. 
12.05.84 - HMS Hermes (R12) and her task group arrive of the north coast of the Caribou archipelago. 

1UP Commanders intent: It is the BG commanders intent to DISRUPT the Soviet rear area by means of an Amphibious Assault on the north east peninsula in order to isolate his front-line forces and coerce him into pausing any attack on the Norwegian Garrison. Be prepared to exploit and isolate Eastside Port.

Operational Maps: 
- Map In General.
- Map in Detail (North).
- Map in Detail (Centre).
- Map in Detail (South).
ATTACK - The Combat group is to FIND and DESTROY soviet forces within boundaries in order to DISRUPT their offensive operations against the Norwegian Garrison. Be prepared to: 
1. CLEAR Fort Isegran 
2. CLEAR all supporting and peripheral positions north of Fort Isegran 
3. CLEAR Fort Høyt Tårn. 
4. ISOLATE or SECURE Eastside Port.  
Situation OPFOR:
Weapons: Platoon (AK Variants, PKM, RPG - 7), Company (MANPADs, 82mm Podnos Mortar, HMG, GMG[limited], SPG-9]), Regiment (ZU23 Anti-Air Gun), Artillery (D-30 Pack Gun - Currently committed to front-line troops - may be used for Final Defensive Fires])  
Uniform: Berezka and Flora Battle Dress.
Vehicles: 3-4x BMP-2, 3-4x BTR-60BP (A number were lost in the initial landing), 2-6x Armed UAZ, 3x ZSU-23-4 "Shilka", MI-8 (Armed and Unarmed). 
Fortifications: The Enemy occupies a number of Forts (Bunker Complexes) dating from the Second World War. These complexes, whilst run down, offer effective protection. Typically they have between two to six mutually supporting positions. The Soviets, having been here for over 48 hours, can be expected to occupy stage 3 entrenchments as well. 
Situation Civilians:
Population: None - The island was evacuated of its civilian population in the 1950s. 
Situation BLUFOR:
Weapons: NORWEGIAN - AG-3, MG3, HMG, M72, Carl Gustav, 81mm Mortar. UNITED KINGDOM - SLR, Sterling SMG, GPMG, L1A1 66mm Rocket, Carl Gustav.    

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Event starts at 18:30 tonight on the public but feel free to drop in at any time before or after, there'll be a pilot or 2 to get you sorted
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Public PVP session ended with smiles all round big thanks to tootall for helping me with the initial testing
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