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Operation CRICH
8:20 PM Sat 16th Mar 2019 (GMT/UTC +1.0)
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Operation CRICH
By Saxon

Era: 1990s.
Forcetype: Motorised.
Vehicles: Hard-Top Landrovers.

Operation Start: 18.9.1992; 17:30.
Current Weather: Clear.
Future Weather: Clear.
Map: @emita

Conflict Overview: ... 05867441315603411051
In the post-Soviet country of Chernarus, ethnic tensions between ethnic Russins and the natives are high.
In August 1992 the pro-British Igor Zotnikov was appointed President of the Greater Leskovets Region (Capital: Emita). He was made President of the region by the central government to deepen British-Chernarussian Relations. These include the opening of a British-Chernarussian business venture in Emita, as well as joint British-Chernarussian military drills near the city.

Since his appointment, the ČDKZ (an ethnic Russian, Communist Militia) have become increasingly hostile towards governmental forces in general. Their leader has declared the appointment undemocratic and has demanded the regional President be elected by referendum. ČDKZ sponsored strikes have effectively paralysed large parts of the Greater Leskovets Region.

None of this has discouraged Zotnikov from pursuing his pro-British course. While the British government tries to relieve tensions, by ending the joint drills, the opening of the business venture is still going along as planned.

Recent Events:
Our platoon is preparing to leave Chernarus within weeks, even though we have not even been here for an entire month. While barricades have been going up in Emita, in order to feign stability, the opening of the British-Chernarussian business venture was supposed to still take place as scheduled.

Today however, violence has erupted in Emita. The base we share with the Chernarussians has come under attack by what is presumed to be ČDKZ forces. From our Chernarussian colleagues we have had reports of violent fighting between ČDKZ and police forces in the city. While we held at their base, parts of the Chernarussian armed forces of this camp were dispatched into the eastern parts of Emita. This afternoon communications were lost to the British diplomat attending the business opening in Emita.

The situation in Emita is chaotic. Besides the Chernarussian Police, Army and their opponent ČDKZ, numerous other groups are reported to roam around armed. We are advised to avoid confrontation if possible. This isn't our war, we are merely caught up in it.

The Chernarussians here at the base have recently repelled an attack from the east and suspect an enemy platoon to still be somewhere along the road leading east.

-Rescue British officials: Some British officials attended the opening of the British-Chernarussian business venture in Emita at Ortkele and Kolgaz. They have come under attack by ČDKZ fighters. The last reports suggested that the bodyguards accompanying the officials are currently holed up somewhere in the factory complex. We are to pick them up and ultimately extract them.

-Recover Documents: The British officials have left behind some sensitive documents in their hotel suite. These can not be allowed to fall into enemy hands. The hotel suite in question is north-eastern room on the third floor.

-Rescue Zotnikov [Secondary]: From what we can gather, Zotnikov has been cut of from most Chernarussian forces in the town. Seeing as he has such close ties with our government, we are to extract him as well if possible.

-Evacuate Emita: Once you have collected all personal that is to be evacuated, leave the town via Route 23.

Situation Armed Personnel in Emita:
Various groups are currently fighting in Emita and surrounding villages. Some of these are openly hostile to British personal, some will only engage once fired upon.
Weapons: Various Eastern Block
Uniform: Civilian Cloths and Eastern Block Camouflages
Vehicles: Armed civilian vehicles

Situation Civilians:
Population: Present, mostly locked up in buildings
Allegiance: Unknown, unarmed believed to be neutral

Situation BLUFOR:
Weapons: Various Eastern Block
Uniform: Brown-Green Military Fatigues, Camouflaged Helmets and Vests
Vehicles: Various Eastern Block, marked by Yellow Star

Chernarussian Police
Weapons: PM, PP-18, AKS-74U
Uniform: Brown-Green Military Fatigues, Camouflaged Helmets and Vests
Vehicles: Orange-White Lada and Skoda 1203

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