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Operation PALLAS
7:20 PM Sat 13th Apr (GMT/UTC +1.0)
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Operation PALLAS
By Rik

Era: Cold War.
Forcetype: Amphibious.
Vehicles: RHIB, LCU.
Attachment: FV101 Scorpion.

Operation Start: 07:00, 03/09/1983.
Current Weather: Sunny, dry.
Future Weather: Overcast, torrential rain.
Map: @lingor_a3

Conflict Overview:
Lingor, an island populated predominantly by Hispanics, located in the Caribbean Windward Islands, was the subject of a coup and civil war approximately 4 years ago. The British-aligned government was quickly overthrown by General Ramon Elvira, who proceeded to align himself with Cuba and the Soviet Union. The small military received significant portions of communist aid, worrying the nearby island nations.  After pleas from British banks who had invested large sums in the island, Margaret Thatcher maneuvered for intervention. American diplomatic objections were overcome by an invitation of American units to support the invasion. 

Recent Events:
The British task force has arrived off the east coast of Lingor, poised to strike. Overnight, a British unit seized a small airstrip, used by local drug runners. The main invasion force is now ready to land. Hostile forces have multiple gun batteries overlooking waterways, slowing potential force deployment and diminishing their logistical capacity. 

Furthermore, command hopes the war can be ended quickly by striking at, and occupying the islands largest city; Maruko. Important targets in the harbour, the presidential palace, and the airport. While the airport and harbour should improve our logistical situation, seizing the presidential palace may allow us to capture important government officials, or General Elvira himself.  

1. Seize the batteries overlooking the waterways.
2. Seize the Maruko Harbour.
3. Seize the Maruko Presidential Palace.
4. Seize the Maruko International Airport.

Situation OPFOR:
Weapons: AK-74, AKS-74, PKM, RPK, RPG-7, DShKM.
Uniform: Black/green jungle stripe camouflage, Soviet-style helmet.
Vehicles: UAZ, Ural Truck, BRDM-2, BTR-60, MT-LB, T-55.

Situation Civilians:
Population: There is a heavy civilian population in urban areas.
Allegiance: Large parts of the civilian population support Elvira’s regime.

Situation BLUFOR:
Weapons: M16A1, M60, M79, M2, M47 Dragon.
Uniform: M81 Woodland BDU, M1 Helmet.
Vehicles: M60 Patton, LVTP-7, HMMWV.

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[TWC] Chaza 15:50
Cuck Me 21st May
Hey guys wont make the OP got a mates 21st on saturday
[TWC] Aleyboy 20th May
Pub tonight
[TWC] Theo Papas 19th May
[TWC] Hobbs 19th May
pub time
Lukey 19th May
Theo, that’s my fave video ever xD
[TWC] Hobbs 19th May
chill sunday pub tonight
[TWC] Theo Papas 17th May
Great time on pub tonight, thanks everyone (:
[TWC] Hobbs 17th May
public time
[TWC] Theo Papas 17th May
[TWC] Hobbs 17th May
Event starts at 18:30 tonight on the public but feel free to drop in at any time before or after, there'll be a pilot or 2 to get you sorted
[TWC] Theo Papas 17th May
jim jom
[TWC] Hobbs 17th May
Public PVP session ended with smiles all round big thanks to tootall for helping me with the initial testing
[TWC] Mc_Jazza 16th May
Pub time!
[TWC] Theo Papas 16th May
yeet yeet skeet
[TWC] Hobbs 16th May
speaking of which, public's up
[TWC] Crow 16th May
Did somebody say...go on a server wil Hobbs and question my sanity?
[TWC] Björn 16th May
Steep is for free on uplay, its a lot of fun!
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