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Operation FALCHION
7:20 PM Sat 27th Apr (GMT/UTC +1.0)
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Operation FALCHION
By Rik

Era: Early WW2.
Forcetype: Dismounted.
Vehicles: None.
Attachment: Universal Carrier, Boys AT Rifle, 2 inch Mortar.

Operation Start: 06:00, 16/04/1941.
Current Weather: Sunny, clear.
Future Weather: Sunny, clear.
Map: Tobruk, in TWC WW2.

Conflict Overview:
After Italian entry into the war in June 1940 the African front remained mostly quiet until December 1940, when Commonwealth forces launched Operation COMPASS. The operation was a devastating success, obliterating Italian forces in the area. Although much headway into Libya was made, many of the well-equipped and trained troops had to be relocated to Greece to fight against the Axis invasion there. Italian and German forces soon flooded the region again, pushing back forces into Egypt. Australian forces remained at Tobruk to keep control of the strategic port city.

Recent Events:
Axis units have surrounded Tobruk. Small skirmishes have taken place on the outer defenses. German tanks continue to probe defenses, looking to make a breakthrough to the port. Although their closest airfield is in Egypt, RAF patrols have spotted a minor build-up of tanks and infantry near two of the strongpoints on the outer defenses. Both strongpoints are manned by a strong force of Australians, hoping to discourage any attempted breakthrough, but enemy artillery and airpower will be tough to resist.

Hold Strongpoint #6.

Situation OPFOR:
Italian Forces
Weapons: Carcano Rifle, Beretta Model 38, Breda 30. 
Uniform: Tan uniform, tan turtle helmet.
Vehicles: M13/40, M11/39, Fiat 626.

German Forces
Weapons: Kar98k, MP40, MG34, PaK  36.
Uniform: Tan uniform, shorts, tan stahlhelm.
Vehicles: Panzer I, Panzer II, Panzer III, Panzer IV, Opel Blitz, SdKfz 221, SdKfz 6, Bf 109, Ju-87, He-111.

Situation Civilians:
Population: None.
Allegiance: N/a.

Situation BLUFOR:
Weapons: Lee-Enfield No1 MkIII, M1928 Thompson, Bren Gun, QF 2-pdr. 
Uniform: Desert P37, shorts, MkII helmet.
Vehicles: Matilda II, Crusader II, Universal Carrier, Bedford MW, Blenheim, Gladiator.

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Chat Box
[TWC] Chaza 15:50
Cuck Me 21st May
Hey guys wont make the OP got a mates 21st on saturday
[TWC] Aleyboy 20th May
Pub tonight
[TWC] Theo Papas 19th May
[TWC] Hobbs 19th May
pub time
Lukey 19th May
Theo, that’s my fave video ever xD
[TWC] Hobbs 19th May
chill sunday pub tonight
[TWC] Theo Papas 17th May
Great time on pub tonight, thanks everyone (:
[TWC] Hobbs 17th May
public time
[TWC] Theo Papas 17th May
[TWC] Hobbs 17th May
Event starts at 18:30 tonight on the public but feel free to drop in at any time before or after, there'll be a pilot or 2 to get you sorted
[TWC] Theo Papas 17th May
jim jom
[TWC] Hobbs 17th May
Public PVP session ended with smiles all round big thanks to tootall for helping me with the initial testing
[TWC] Mc_Jazza 16th May
Pub time!
[TWC] Theo Papas 16th May
yeet yeet skeet
[TWC] Hobbs 16th May
speaking of which, public's up
[TWC] Crow 16th May
Did somebody say...go on a server wil Hobbs and question my sanity?
[TWC] Björn 16th May
Steep is for free on uplay, its a lot of fun!
Operation IMPALER
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