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By Nazgul

Era: Modern.
Forcetype: Motorised.
Vehicles: Land Rovers.
Attachment: HMG.
Operation Start: 19:15, 02/10/2015.
Current Weather: Heavy rain.
Future Weather: Heavy thunderstorms.
Map: @Clafghan 
Conflict Overview: 
After joining the war in November 2001, deploying British ground troops, the Taliban presence has decayed over the 14 years of conflict. With the Taliban nearly eradicated it has left most of the territories empty and nations from the east have moved in to secure this free land, one of which is Russian ground forces. The forces that are in the region have set up small but strong defenses in the mountains, creating a foothold. Reports have confirmed that Russian small air assets and lightly armored vehicle sections are present in the contested area. Reports also confirm that some villages have been taken over by Russian forces and have evicted the civilians that lived there. Civilians in the area have either evacuated to more urban settlements such as 'Ovallestan' and 'Mini Ai Malak' near the British Army FOB 'Camp Branca.' NATO has tasked the British Army to fight off any advancements on Clafghan territories by taking out any FOBs the Russians may have built. Other nations like US and Australian ground troops are also applying pressure on advancing Russian forces on other fronts.           
Recent Events: 
UK armed forces have planned withdrawals and the handover of Camp Bastion to Afghanistan (October 2014) only leaving 450 troops to train, advise and assist local Afghan forces in Taliban conflict, but this was swiftly canceled when Russian troops started invading from the north east. British troops were swiftly returned to assist the Afghan forces against invading Russians. Due to Camp Bastion being no longer used by British armed forces an assault platoon of mechanized infantry had to set up at Camp Branca and make do with the facilities that were there. Due to weather conditions of autumn and the surrounding terrain all air vehicles have been grounded until the weather clears up. With the Russians advancing there have been large spread rumors of a Russian commander visiting a nearby FOB: it's imperative that he is captured!   
Eliminate all Russian ground forces in and around the fob including villages Alkhemora, Fareldraguz and Al Jebel.

Secure Russian commander and destroy any supplies or equipment that could be stolen by Taliban forces.
Situation OPFOR: Russian federation 
Weapons: AK variants, PKM, RPGs .
Uniform: EMR Clothing.
Vehicles: Lightly Armored vehicles and air vehicles.
Situation Civilians: 
Population: Very low as most have fled or forced out.
Allegiance: BLUFOR.

Situation BLUFOR: 
Weapons: L85A2.
Uniform: British army MTP clothing.
Vehicles: MRAP, Land Rover.

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Chat Box
[TWC] Singleton 14:25
DUI am I right
[TWC] Singleton 14:25
Also Chaza sorry for nearly taking your head of with a *cough cough* low hanging tree branch
[TWC] Singleton 13:06
Apologies for last night had a technical issue!
[TWC] Singleton 7th Dec
Appreciate it!
[TWC] Patty Evans 7th Dec
glad to have you backj Australia
[TWC] Singleton 7th Dec
Excited for tonight! bought a new headset and everything
[TWC] Hobbs 6th Dec
i'm loading up now
[TWC] Mc_Jazza 6th Dec
Friday = Pub-day right?
[TWC] Chaza 5th Dec
Oops for caps...
[TWC] Chaza 5th Dec
[TWC] Vieira 4th Dec
[TWC] Vieira 4th Dec
The jackal is just very handsome boy.
[TWC] Vieira 4th Dec
bout 3 years ago, I saw a huge convoy of NATO vehicles moving east past the city I live in. It was a pretty sight. Lots of mixed country vehicles.
[TWC] Hobbs 4th Dec
I should point out, that we have the modern variant and already use it, the old variant has never existed in a video game
[TWC] Hobbs 4th Dec
chaza's just being chaza, main upgrade of the jackal gave it a new engine and proper turret ring for the main MG instead of a pintle with swingarm mount. Everything after that has been cosmetic from a game point of view like different rollcage etc
[TWC] Singleton 4th Dec
What really is the difference
[TWC] Chaza 4th Dec
Shame we only have the "old" jackal in Arma, not that it makes a big diff
[TWC] Chaza 4th Dec
Jackal are the TITS
Daniel 4th Dec
In all seriousness, the Jackals are brilliant vehicles really. Can't wait for Saturday!
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