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Operation CONCORD
7:20 PM Sat 15th Jun (GMT/UTC +1.0)
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Operation CONCORD
By Rik

Era: Millennial.
Forcetype: Amphibious.
Vehicles: RHIB HMG.
Attachment: L118 Light Gun.

Operation Start: 12:00, 08/10/1996.
Current Weather: Sunny, clear.
Future Weather: Sunny, clear.
Map: @fsf_al_rayak

Conflict Overview:
In 1983 a socialist revolution in the British colony Takistan seized most of the country. Although the British government soon after acknowledged the socialist government as the legitimate government over the British-backed Sheikh, minor parts of the country remained occupied by British forces. Since then, border skirmishes have been relatively common between Takistani and British forces. Takistani forces have been attempting to dislodge the British as well as establish some degree of control over these territories. However, the Sheikh of Takistan, still firmly supports the British, granting them legitimacy over many tribal areas.

Recent Events:
Although there have been dozens of minor incursions by socialist forces in the past decade, recently bigger assaults have occurred, suggesting the possibility of an impending full invasion. Seaborne raids have increased especially. Although some were beaten back by helicopters, most of them caused much damage. As such, command plans to offensively counterraid to cripple the ability of socialist forces to raid further as well as implement a full invasion. 

1. Raid the harbour.
2. Seize the first oil depot.
3. Seize the second oil depot.
4. Secure the island airfield.

Situation OPFOR:
Weapons: FN FAL, M16A2, PKM, RPK, RPG-7, DhSKM, M2. 
Uniform: Olive uniform, olive helmets.
Vehicles: Praga V3S, UAZ, BRDM-2, BTR-60, MT-LB.

Situation Civilians:
Population: Although the region is largely populated, civilians are unlikely to be around military targets.
Allegiance: Loyal to the socialist government in cities, loyal to the Sheikh in tribal areas.

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Chat Box
Lukey 17th Jun
[TWC] Draig 17th Jun
m back
Lukey 17th Jun
Lukey 14th Jun
[TWC] Hobbs 14th Jun
Tonight's MVP award goes to the russian military, for calling in artillery on their own command post
[TWC] Hobbs 14th Jun
public time
[TWC] Bosenator 14th Jun
Reminder as well, do not download the next TS update until we can get the ACRE update out
[TWC] Bosenator 14th Jun
We ignoring all those points raised in the past again :Kappa:
[TWC] Chaza 14th Jun
Because it is boring and unrealistic. No one has used LR in years. Foxhound would be the logical choice.
[TWC] Mallas 14th Jun
Why not ?
[TWC] Chaza 14th Jun
An army 2020 op with landrovers.Why
[TWC] Hobbs 14th Jun
Friday pub tonight
[TWC] Hobbs 13th Jun
just gonna have dinner then I'll be on for pub in maybe 30 mins
Cuck Me 13th Jun
i did not read the top message haha
Cuck Me 13th Jun
what time ill be there?
[TWC] Hobbs 13th Jun
testing complete, but I'm up for pub tonight anyway
[TWC] Chaza 13th Jun
Am possibly free
[TWC] Hobbs 13th Jun
make that at least 2 testers
[TWC] Hobbs 13th Jun
need at least 1 tester on pub tonight to test languages and radio stuff
[TWC] Fro 13th Jun
summer was two weeks ago, winter is coming
Operation EPSOM
3 Days, 9 Hours, 56 Minutes and 28 Seconds
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