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By TooTall
Force Outline:
Era: Oughts 2003
Forcetype: Motorised
Situation Outline:
Operation Start: 03:20,  03 July 2003
Current Weather: Dry, Cloudless.
Future Weather: Dry, Sunny
Map: @anizay
Conflict Overview:
The main battle for Iraq is over. Sadam Husain has been removed, but in its place a power vacuum has formed that has brought the country to its knees. Coalition forces, who successfully destroyed the Iraq army, are struggling to quash the many factions within the country all vying for domination over their rivals.
One particular fight is between two brothers Kadir and Arif Sabak: Kadir is the older of the two and, as part of tribal tradition, is the legitimate leader of the province of Anizay. However, Arif, believes his brother is a traitor to his people as he supported the Wests overthrow of Sadam. He has vowed to kill his brother and his small army of fanatical followers (known as the ‘Black Army’) have wreaked havoc in the region killing anyone who opposes their ideology.
Recent Events:
A coalition aircraft had a weapons malfunction and dropped its ordinance on the waterworks in the South of the province demolishing the pumping station. This has led to half the province not having a regular supply of drinking water generating animosity within the province against coalition forces. This coalition blunder has been capitalised by Arif and given him even more justification to replace his brother and throw out the westerners. If we are to win back the support from the locals, we need to repair the damaged pumping station and demonstrate we can protect them against unwanted aggressors.
Our engineers are working with locals to fix the pumping station but, in the meantime, water tankers are going out to supply water to the people. After a number of tankers were attacked and destroyed, most likely by Arif's ‘Black Army’, Kadir has asked us to support his efforts by taking water to the higher risk parts of the province.
To minimise the risk of attack the day will start early with the first water delivery scheduled for around dawn. But as news gets out of our operation, we strongly believe Arif will attempt to disrupt the deliveries, demonstrating that he is the dominant force in the area. We cannot let that happen. 
1.      Meet with Kadir and pick up the Water Tankers
2.      Fill up tankers at Pump Station (use the North entrance)
3.      Deliver Water to the people of Qalandar
4.      Deliver Water to the people of Janur
5.      Deliver Water to the people of Naudeh
6.      Return Tankers to the depot
Note: The delivery points shown on the map are the exact locations where the water tankers need placed to dispense water. You will see the group of locals waiting at each location to receive aid.
Situation OPFOR:
Weapons: FNFAL, AK 74, RPK, PKM, DShKM
Uniform: Local attire
Vehicles: A few UAZ DShKM
Situation BLUFOR:
Weapons: L85A2, L110A2, L86, ILAW (AT-4)
Uniform: DDPM
Vehicles: Land Rover, 1x WIMIK (GPMG), 1x Ridgeback (HMG)
Situation Civilians:
Population: Mostly in the towns and villages
Allegiance: Ambivalent. They just want to get on with their lives.
Many of the population carry weapons. They are not all rebels. DO NOT fire, unless directly fired upon.

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