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Operation CADIA
7:20 PM Sat 10th Aug 2019 (GMT/UTC +1.0)
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Operation CADIA
by Mallas

Era: Cold War
Forcetype: Motorized
Vehicles: 10x Land Rover soft top, 1x Land Rover Ambulance
Attachment: Mortar Team

Operation Start: November 24th, 1985
Current Weather: Overcast with fog and heavy rain.
Future Weather: No changes.
Map: Bystrica (part of Operations and Training repo).

Conflict Overview:

The polish regional government had conducted a referendum in secret and has voted to separate from the Soviet Union in 1983. Due to Poland secretly being in talks with the NATO leadership, NATO has been secretly moving troops into Poland since early 1982. While the Soviet Union decided not the intervene directly, some believe they have supplied local rebels with equipment and vehicles.

Recent Events:

The Red Star Movement is currently the largest anti-government, pro-soviet movement in the country that has been conducting seditious acts against the government which include, but are not limited to - planting bombs in power plants, killing government officials and more. Officially, the Soviet Union is denouncing the Red Star Movement, but unofficially, they're actually providing them with vehicles, weapons and ammunition. Recently, they've grown bolder and have actually begun seizing towns and skirmishing with the local NATO forces. The TWC Platoon which is tasked with guarding a power station near Chernogorsk has been ordered to move in and eliminate the local Red Star Movement forces.


1. Liberate Chernogorsk and eliminate enemy leadership.

2. Destroy enemy supply train that is currently in Prigorodki.

3. Secure Elektrozavodsk by doing the following :

    a) Capturing the railyard to cripple enemy supply lines.

    b) Destroy enemy vehicle depot in the old fire station.

    c) Capture or kill the enemy commander codename "CREED". We believe he is in the enemy HQ which is located in the centre of the town.

Situation OPFOR
Weapons: AK47, AK74, RPK74, PKM, Dragunov SVD, PMM, RPG7, DShKM HMG.
Uniform: Various civilian clothing mixed with Kamysh camo.
Vehicles: UAZ with various weapons, BRDM-2, BTR-60PB, BMP-2, T-72.

Situation Civilians
Population: Around 21.862.
Allegiance: The Red Star movement.

Situation BLUFOR
Weapons: L1A1 SLR, L7A2 GPMG, L2A3 Sterling SMG, M72 LAW, L14A1 "Carl Gustaf".
Uniform: DPM
Vehicles: Land Rovers of various configurations.

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