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Operation FRESHMAN
7:20 PM Sat 27th Jul (GMT/UTC +1.0)
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Operation FRESHMAN
By Sarge & Bosenator

Era: Late WW2
Forcetype: Airborne - Glider
Vehicles: 1x Universal Carrier
Attachment: 2" Mortar / Bren Team

Operation Start: 19 November 1942
Current Weather: Medium snow, medium fog
Future Weather: No Change
Map: @panthera_a3

Conflict Overview:
British Intelligence have been able to confirm reports of a German “weapon of mass destruction” program, based upon the scientific work of Irene and Frederic Joliot-Curie on atomic fission. It has been surmised that this atomic fission can be used to create considerable energy, which if applied in the correct manner, could be utilised as a significant calamity inducing weapon. British Scientists working on the project named “Tube Alloys” have been able to identify various elements that would be crucial in the development of such a devastating weapon.

Norwegian Intelligence and Resistance has provided smuggled out reconnaissance imagery, drawn maps and first hand accounts of a facility being operated in occupied Norway. This facility is known to Allied Command as a production facility of “heavy water”, an elusive element crucial to the development of the most harmful weaponry. This facility had limited its exports to Germany prior to occupation, but now seems to be running at maximum output under direct German control.

It has therefore been deemed paramount to destroy or otherwise impede this facility, for the potential consequence of failing to do so bear not thinking.

Unfortunately, a mass raid by RAF bombers has been rejected due to the difficulty in locating the plant during night bombing, and the potential for heavy casualties that would be inflicted on the local Norwegian population during said raid. Alternative raids, including landing on the nearby lake, have also been ruled out due to the steepness of the surrounding mountain scape, making landing impossible, particularly in icy conditions. It is has therefore been decided that an Air Gliding force is to land nearby, execute their mission, and ex-filtrate with help from the Norwegian Resistance and Royal Navy.

Recent Events:
In March of this year, SOE had recruited local Einar Skinnarland, an Norwegian engineer who worked on the Mosvatn dam. After extraction, an intensive ten-day training, he was parachuted back into Telemark. His contribution has been crucial in the analysis of local German troop disposition and other defences. Following this, SOE sent an advance party of local Norwegians, led by Jens-Anton Poulsson, and including Knut Haugland, Claus Helberg and Arne Kjelstrup. This team, named Grouse, who have been trained extensively in sabotage, radio transmitting and “irregular warfare”, were inserted in October.

After a 15 day trek, they have established a communications position, and have got in contact with London. They have been able to reconnoitre the area, defences, and have been able to choose a suitable glider landing site, some 5km from the facility.

Volunteer sappers of 9th Field Company (Airborne) Royal Engineers, and 261st Field Park Company (Airborne) Royal Engineers have been attached to 1st Airborne Division. The landing party is to be delivered to the area by Group Captain T.B. Cooper via three Halifax heavy bombers towing Horsa gliders. The landing itself will be most difficult, which will be aided via agents on the ground equipped with Eureka radio beacons.

Weather conditions have repeatedly postponed previous attempts at this mission. However, the ground agents that are most crucial for the success of this operation are beginning to run low on resources. So, despite barely improving weather conditions, the substantial cost of Germany succeeding at this mission has made it imperative that least we try to prevent or otherwise hamper this project now.

The Germans will have air superiority in the region once ditched, it is therefore imperative to keep a low profile through-out this mission.

Primary Objective:
Destroy or otherwise hamper Heavy Water facility

Secondary Objectives:
Destroy or otherwise hamper Power Substation at Bovec
Destroy Radio Communications Tower
Escape to extraction point

Situation OPFOR:
Weapons: Kar98k, G43, MP40, MG42, MG34, Panzerfaust, Panzerschreck.
Uniform: Field grey, stahlhelm.
Vehicles: Opel Blitz, Kubelwagen, SdKfz 222, SdKfz 251, Panzer IV, Panzer V.

Situation Civilians:
Population: Civilians are likely to stay far away from German military installations, and be in their homes.
Allegiance: Eagerly awaiting liberation from the German occupation.

Situation BLUEFOR:
Norwegian Resistance

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