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Operation BALDUR
6:20 PM Sat 19th Oct (GMT/UTC +1.0)
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Operation BALDUR
by (TWC) Hobnobb

Force Outline:
Era: Millennial
Forcetype: Airmobile
Vehicles: Chinook
Attachments: 1x GPMG Support Team
Situation Outline:
Operation Start: 0400,  22 February 1992
Current Weather: Dry, Cloudy, first light
Future Weather: Showers, Cloudy
Map: @Rosche
Conflict Overview:
In 1978 Afghanistan’s Communist party took power in a ruthless coup. In the year that followed however, the people of Afghanistan decided that communism was good after all and never formed opposition groups. Russia was never required to send in a supporting invasion force as a result, and instead focused its strength on western Europe. In a protracted series of veiled skirmishes Russian forces gradually began to move westward in 1988, using a mixture of misinformation and political manipulation to avoid all out war. In response NATO has implemented suffocating sanctions on Russia’s economical and oil efforts, as well as conducting several strikes across Europe with the specific aim of disrupting supplies of fuel.
Recent Events:
TWC platoon, situated in eastern Germany on heightened readiness as part of an enhanced forward presence (EFP), has been pushed to the frontline after a large scale rocket barrage the previous week destroyed the NATO airbase to the west which was responsible for projecting power over the region. Previously a garrison and logistical support unit, TWC has been instructed to use its advantageous location to conduct disruption operations in the region, using information on enemy positions provided to us by special forces.

Intel Picture:
A military base in Stocken, previously inhabited by German and Dutch forces, has been gutted and garrisoned by Russian forces. A moderate garrison of mechanised infantry is being supported by a heliborne wing, however the helicopters are not believed to be airworthy currently.

Although Russian airmobile and mechanised forces are present in the area, they have been rendered unable to conduct offensive operations by NATO strikes on fuel depots and supply routes.

A prisoner is being held in the village of Nateln. The identity of this man is most likely Captain Liam Darling, who ventured out alone two weeks previous with the intent of negotiating with the advancing Russian forces. He did not speak Russian.

Concerning reports have come in regarding a mass killing of civilian inhabitants in Batensen. No witnesses have been found, however a farmer living nearby claims he heard no gunshots around the suspected time of action.

Utilise offensive assets to hold off the Russian advance until the airbase to the west can become operational again. Uncover evidence of war crimes in Batensen and use it to press further sanctions and potential action from the UN.
Objectives (in any order):
  • Clear the woodblock west of Katzien, identified as housing an encamped platoon of Russian infantry
  • Investigate the rumours of unlawful killing in Batensen
  • Neutralize enemy forces in the village of Nateln and rescue Cpt Darling
  • Optional: A section of Pathfinders is located between Nateln and Batensen. Rendezvous with them to obtain more intel on the two objectives
  • Seize the military base in Stocken
  • Neutralize the artillery position in Brandgehege

Optional final objective:
Neutralize the ex-WW2 bunker complex currently being used as a command facility south of Oetzer Gehege.
Situation OPFOR:
Weapons: AK 74, RPK, PKM, DShKM, ZU23, Metis, 9K38
Uniform: EMR
Vehicles: Ural, UAZ, BTR60
Situation BLUFOR:
Weapons: UK Infantry standard
Uniform: DPM
Vehicles: Chinook
Situation Civilians:
Although evacuation efforts have been made by both sides, a small number of civilians have chosen to evade police and live in the warzone. This is probably as a result of previous displacements still being in effect up to 4 years later.

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Chat Box
[TWC] Singleton 14:25
DUI am I right
[TWC] Singleton 14:25
Also Chaza sorry for nearly taking your head of with a *cough cough* low hanging tree branch
[TWC] Singleton 13:06
Apologies for last night had a technical issue!
[TWC] Singleton 7th Dec
Appreciate it!
[TWC] Patty Evans 7th Dec
glad to have you backj Australia
[TWC] Singleton 7th Dec
Excited for tonight! bought a new headset and everything
[TWC] Hobbs 6th Dec
i'm loading up now
[TWC] Mc_Jazza 6th Dec
Friday = Pub-day right?
[TWC] Chaza 5th Dec
Oops for caps...
[TWC] Chaza 5th Dec
[TWC] Vieira 4th Dec
[TWC] Vieira 4th Dec
The jackal is just very handsome boy.
[TWC] Vieira 4th Dec
bout 3 years ago, I saw a huge convoy of NATO vehicles moving east past the city I live in. It was a pretty sight. Lots of mixed country vehicles.
[TWC] Hobbs 4th Dec
I should point out, that we have the modern variant and already use it, the old variant has never existed in a video game
[TWC] Hobbs 4th Dec
chaza's just being chaza, main upgrade of the jackal gave it a new engine and proper turret ring for the main MG instead of a pintle with swingarm mount. Everything after that has been cosmetic from a game point of view like different rollcage etc
[TWC] Singleton 4th Dec
What really is the difference
[TWC] Chaza 4th Dec
Shame we only have the "old" jackal in Arma, not that it makes a big diff
[TWC] Chaza 4th Dec
Jackal are the TITS
Daniel 4th Dec
In all seriousness, the Jackals are brilliant vehicles really. Can't wait for Saturday!
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