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Operation MUERTOS
7:20 PM Sat 30th May (GMT/UTC +1.0)
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Operation MUERTOS
By: [TWC] Sarge

Era: Millennial
Forcetype: Motorised (Heavy Protected)
Vehicles: RG31 Nyala, Mk5E Nyala and RG31 Nyala (GC)
Attachment: Recon Team

Operation Start: 13:00 29/11/2006
Current Weather: Clear
Future Weather: Stormy
Map: Lingor (@lingor_a3)

Conflict Overview:
Colombia has been in civil conflict since the times of La Violencia with a low-intensity asymmetric war between government forces, cartels and communist guerillas. Thick jungles make it a perfect home for drug runners looking to avoid authority and guerillas disillusioned with that authority. The war has been characterised by massive civillian casualties as well as terrorism as Colombia fights to suppress these Communist Guerillas who claim to be fighting for the poor, with insurgent hit and run tactics being the name of the game until recently.

Plan Colombia was a United States aid initiative attempting to combat FARC (Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia) and cocaine cartels and it supplied the Colombian forces with the equipment and training to step up actions against the guerillas. 

Recent Events:
In the Western Remote region of Colombia, FARC rebels from the Western Bloc have risen up to try secure a part of Colombia for themselves and to use as a well protected home base from which to continue their their attacks against the Colombian Government. FARC Guerillas have attacked military bases, checkpoints, police stations and government buildings across the region with most falling against this massive determined attack quickly. Government forces were caught unawares with only a few towns remaining in Government hands.

It appears this major operation was possible due to massive cooperation between drug running groups in the region and FARC guerillas receving funds and equipment from their supply networks. In order to take back the region, US and Colombian Special Forces in a daring raid took back the airport in the town of Calamar in order to allow friendly forces to be flown in on C130's with new mine resistant armoured vehicles sourced from Plan Colombia, the RG31 Nyala.

The goals of the operation are for TWC Company, "¡Estar Moscas! ", to secure the East and North of the region to relieve pressure on the still government held Corazon.  Finally the Company is to destroy the airfield used to bring in arms and equipment for FARC forces as well as supply cocaine to fund operations. This is to be done concurrently with another company clearing the Western Half in order to secure the staging area.

FARC Guerillas have a history of hit and run attack, emerging from their small camps in the jungles to hit Government forces hard before melting away. Although this seems to be an attempt to take and hold territory, we can still expect numerous ambushes in the region from their small camps.

Colombia is one of the most heavily mined areas in the world after 40 years of warfare and this region is no exception. Luckily due to the speed at which we have moved, any mines placed down to slow our advance should have been hastily placed and badly hidden. A mine of choice by FARC is the TM46 Anti Tank Mine.

Surveillance reports that the town of San Arulco has been heavily fortified with marked Strongpoints throughout the town to show FARC's dominion and their intention to make the town the centerpoint of their entire operation. FARC has put a lot on the line so expect ferocious Urban fighting as FARC will give everything to hold onto the town.

1. SEIZE the Military Base.
2. DESTROY the training camp.
3. SEIZE and CLEAR the town of San Arulco of all strongpoints.
4. SEIZE and DESTROY the drug runners airfield near New Benio.

Side Objectives:
DESTROY the captured radio tower broadcasting propoganda.

Situation OPFOR:
FARC Guerillas
Weapons: Various captured weapons and eastern bloc weaponry.
Uniform: Olive BDU, Berets
Vehicles: Civillian + Captured, Humvee's and uaz with various weaponry. Some BRDM's have been spotted.

Situation Civilians:
Population: Minimal due to remote region
Allegiance: Mixed

Situation BLUFOR:
Colombian Forces
Weapons: Galil, M16, M60
Uniform: M81 Pattern
Vehicles: Humvee's, Nyala and M35's

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[TWC] Vieira 19:26
Midweek op in one hour babes.
[TWC] Aleyboy 13th Jul
Public tonight 1900, do the thing
[TWC] Sarge 12th Jul
Midweek op is on Tuesday
[TWC] Sarge 12th Jul
19:30 British Time and you can see the information in the event post on the left hand side
[TWC] Nathan 12th Jul
when and what time is the midweek op?
[TWC] Vieira 11th Jul
Sign for op you cunts
[TWC] Mallas 11th Jul
Join now for pre-op!
[TWC] Hobbs 11th Jul
Bio Junior 11th Jul
Guys I'll return to operations once I'm over with exams, so after the 15th I'm back!
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