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Operation AQUA
6:20 PM Sat 20th Jun 2020 (GMT/UTC +1.0)
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Operation AQUA

By [TWC] TooTall
Force Outline:
Era: Millennial
Forcetype: Motorised Infantry
Attachment: AT 

Situation Outline:
Operation Start: 03:45
Current Weather: Fine.
Future Weather: No change
Map: Takistan Mountains

Conflict Overview:
The Takistan war in the South has Takistani and allied forces fully committed and under pressure to see results by their respective citizens. Whilst the chaos rages in the South an enterprising Colonel from the Takistan army has seized this opportunity and taken some of his most loyal troops and occupied a relatively peaceful region in the Northern mountain region and declared independence from the rest of the country. It is not entirely clear what his motives might be but the fact that oil reserves have recently been found in the area is likely to not be just a coincidence. Using the oilfields as revenue he has been able to recruit a sizable mercenary militia and along with the regular forces that came with him, he presents an intimidating force in the region.

In order to control the local population, he has taken over of the local water pumping station which is the only source of fresh water in the region. He is only allowing access to its reserves if local villagers follow his commands and effectively enslaving them. 
The Takistan President knows this man must be removed before he becomes too established but fears that if he sends in Takistani forces they may also defect and potentially create a civil war. He has pleaded to the British Prime Minister to step in and resolve the issue. Swayed by the incentive of Takistan oil shares the Prime Ministers agrees to assist. 

Recent Events:
Intelligence reports a convoy of oil trucks, accompanied by a small security force, will leave the refinery at 0400 and move South travelling through the Sar-e Sang pass at around 0430. If we can eliminate the security force and turn back the oil trucks that will halt the Colonels revenue stream and be the first step in removing him from power. If we are also able to take back the Pump Station and allow the local population free access to water, we will start to win back the local population. The odds are against us which is why the Prime Minister personally picked us for the fight!

1. Intercept the convoy and prevent it from getting to the South. Avoid damaging any of the oil trucks (They belong to the local villagers)
2. Attack and take control of the Water Pump Station.
3. If circumstances allow attack and take control of the *Refinery. Be aware, the Colonel will not give this up easily as he knows how strategically important this is to his occupation of the area. 
4. If successful in all other endeavours, seek out the Colonel and bring him to justice. He is likely to be stationed in one of 2 barracks.

*Note: Attacking refineries can be seriously damaging to your health. Use of heavy weapons, explosives and other incendiary devices should be used with extreme caution.

Situation OPFOR:
Takistani Regular Army and Takistani Militia
Vehicles: Praga V3S, BRDM, BTR-80, 2x T72 

Situation Civilians:
Population: If they are not carrying a weapon, they are civilians. We are here to free them: “Hearts and Minds” guys.

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Solitare 22:47
Great mid week op.. thanks Ross and Aleyboy. really good fun,
[TWC] dinoscool3 21:21
Hey folks, just because its a full OP doesn't mean we can't have more! Keep signing up!
[TWC] Ghostie3k 27th Feb
Computer decided to crash. Trying to fix it tight now
[TWC] Lukey 26th Feb
Sign up for Saturday and you get to learn the Alphabet free of charge.
[TWC] Vieira 25th Feb
[TWC] Captain Austalia 25th Feb
Bose you chad
[TWC] jayman 25th Feb
don't forget to vote lol
[TWC] Bosenator 25th Feb
i'm great
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