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By: [TWC] Jack

Force: Rhodesian Light Infantry 
Era: MMO - Cold War 
Force type: Air Assault
Vehicles: 3 x UH-1 helicopters
Attachment: Platoon Mortar (2 inch)
Operation Start: March 4th 1979, 05:30am
Current Weather: Storm
Future Weather: Clear
Map: @angola

Conflict Overview: 
The Rhodesian Bush War was a civil conflict from July 1964 to December 1979 in the country of Rhodesia. The conflict pitted three forces against one another: the Rhodesian white minority-led government of Ian Smith and the Zimbabwe African National Liberation Army, the military wing of Robert Mugabe's Zimbabwe African National Union; and the Zimbabwe People's Revolutionary Army of Joshua Nkomo's Zimbabwe African People's Union. 

Our Company Occupies the Airfields in the west of Rhodesia on the Zambian border. The area is heavily Occupied by ZANU forces. We are a fast response Fire force Air Assault team tasked with neutralising the guerrilla forces.

Recent Events: 
Despite international pressure and embargo we have successfully smuggled 11 Bell UH-1 Iroquois through international arms. Time is running out to put them good use, and we must act fast to counter Heavy ZANU occupation of the area. After firebombing the heavily ZANU occupied settlement of Obupala we have to strike hard and fast to dismantle guerrilla hold on the area. Sealow Scouts were deployed yesterday evening to ready the area for occupation but a recent signal flare from their last known position suggests they are being overrun; it is now time to deploy Fire force tactics to counter their greater numbers.

⦁ Respond to signal flare in Obupala
⦁ Sweep Obupala
⦁ Neutralize Geurilla weapons caches hidden in nearby villages
⦁ Investigate Suspicious activity in Rafada
⦁ Rescue Hostages 
⦁ Locate and Neutralize enemy camp
⦁ Locate and capture Cuban observer 

Standing Orders

  • Watch out for unexploded bombs in Obupala
  • Do not fire Unless Fired upon
  • Investigate any and all suspicious activity,
  • Guerrillas are know to use martyrdom tactics so be wary of civilian casualties, do not use explosives in residential areas and limit civilian casualties.
  • Watch for IED's including Car bombs and suicide bombers (If Possible arrest Suicide bombers to neutralize them as they often hold a dead mans switch)

Situation OPFOR: 
The numbers of the Geurillas are massive and overwhelming however ZANU and ZAPU have continuously showed their incompetence and conducted this war despite their many advantages they hold. Geurillas will use any and all tactis to discredit the Rhodesian Government. They will attempt to put civilians in harms way and bait us into storming buildings and uses explosives to cause colateral damage.

We have intel that Zanu are massing to the North West possibly preparing for an outright convential attack on major white majority settlements. At present however they continue to operate ambush patrols, carry out bombing attacks and attacks on civilians.

⦁ Terror and Guerrilla tactics
⦁ Incompetent soldiers in massive numbers (they will attempt to get in close and surround)

Weapons. Various small arms provided by the PRC and the Cuban Government. 
Vehicles: Minimum to none 

Situation Civilians:
Population: Fully populated civilian area, Zanu members and sympathizers hiding amongst the population.

Situation BLUFOR: 
The Zanu insurgents are well supplied and well manned. Our only major advantage is surprise 
Weapons: FN FAl, FN FAL DMR, GPMG, Frag Grenades, Smoke Grenades, Zip Ties, Browning HP. Carl Gustav (HE and Frag)

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Solitare 22:47
Great mid week op.. thanks Ross and Aleyboy. really good fun,
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Hey folks, just because its a full OP doesn't mean we can't have more! Keep signing up!
[TWC] Ghostie3k 27th Feb
Computer decided to crash. Trying to fix it tight now
[TWC] Lukey 26th Feb
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[TWC] Bosenator 25th Feb
i'm great
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