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Operation BALVENIE
8:20 PM Sat 16th Jan 2021 (GMT/UTC +1.0)
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Operation BALVENIE

By: Ross

Era: Millenial
Forcetype:  Dismounted
Vehicles:  Land Rover
Attachment: 2x Light Gun + Forward Observer

Operation Start: 06/05/1993 0500
Current Weather: Tropical Storm
Future Weather:  Clear
Map: @Cambodia

Conflict Overview:
The United Nations Transitional Authority in Cambodia (UNTAC) was established in February 1992 under United Nations Security Council Resolution 745 in agreement with the State of Cambodia, the de facto government of the country at that time, to implement the Paris Peace Accords of October 1991. UNTAC was the product of intense diplomatic activity over many years.

UNTAC's aim was to restore peace and civil government in a country ruined by decades of civil war and Cold War machinations, to hold free and fair elections leading to a new constitution and to "kick-start" the rehabilitation of the country. It was to exercise 'supervision' or 'supervision or control' over all aspects of government, including foreign affairs, national defence, finance, public security and information, and to supervise, monitor and verify the withdrawal and non-return of foreign military forces.

The main goals of the UN intervention were:

To canton, disarm and demobilise Cambodia's fighting factions, 
Confiscate caches of weapons and military supplies, 

Promote and protect human rights, 
Oversee military security and maintain law and order,

Repatriate and resettle refugees and displaced persons, 
Rehabilitate essential infrastructure and assist in economic reconstruction and development.

TWC Company along with an attachment from the Royal Artillery have been posted to the region of Prei Khmaoch Luong to neutralise the combatants in the area. A US Company was previously occupying the area, however, the were overrun and only a few made it out of the area. 

Due to the difficulties of Jungle Warfare, TWC Company is short on supplies and is awaiting a supply drop from the US. At this time, Company command along with 1 Platoon is stationed in the West of the Region and 2 Platoon is stationed on the East along with the Artillery Attachment.

Recent Events:
At 0100 this morning, our sentry challenged and subsequently shot dead an apparently unarmed civilian who was suspected of conducting recon on 2 Platoon's position. It is now considered highly likely that a large scale attack is incoming.

At 0237 we received a mayday from the US C130 while it was on it's way to resupply TWC Company. They had time to send rough coordinates before it went down.

2 Platoon should defend FOB Emerty then move to resupply and neutralise rebel positions in the East of the region.

-Defend FOB Emerty
-Investigate plane crash, gather supplies,
-Neutralise Enemy Supply Depot,
-Retake Compromised US Position,
-Neutralise Enemy HQ.

Situation OPFOR:
Weapons:  Various US, Soviet era weapons
Uniform:  Mostly Civilian, un or poorly trained
Vehicles: Soviet and so me captured US vehicles. Possible mortar support.

Intel suggests that Special Forces of the Former Soviet Union are in the area and are training the rebels.

Situation Civilians: 
Population: Either joined the rebels or fled
Allegiance: Hostile

Situation BLUFOR: 
Some US Army Prisoners possibly in the area.

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