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Operation VENENUM
7:20 PM Sat 1st May 2021 (GMT/UTC +1.0)
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Operation VENENUM

By [TWC]Ross

Force Outline:

Era: Modern
Force type: Motorised Infantry
Vehicles: 2x MAN Truck (Very little fuel)

Situation Outline:

Operation Start: 0400, 20 July 2021
Current Weather: Fog
Future Weather: No Change
Map: Zarzibash (@pecher + @cup_terrains_cwa from the map repo)

Conflict Overview:

In Spring 2021, after months of troop movements at the border, the Russian Federation invaded Eastern Ukraine. This prompted a swift response by NATO who moved vast amounts of troops from the USA, UK and Germany to support the Ukrainian military, this defence was initially successful and the Russians were stopped along a defensive line known as the Whisky Drinkers Line. This early success, however, was short lived and the Russian Forces soon resorted to desperate means to gain victory.

On the 11th of June, a massive chemical warfare attack was launched on the Whisky Drinkers Line followed by an advance further in to Ukraine. It was clear from how prepared the Russian ground forces were that this method of attack had been in preparation for some time. While it did not expect to need it, NATO was somewhat prepared by issuing gas masks to all troops. This was not enough for those in the epicentres of the attack but it did allow troops on the side-lines to survive.

The gas is extremely toxic and in strong enough concentrations, will melt away human skin and will severely damage some vehicles. It will also remain in the local area for a long time.

Opfor: Armed Forces of the Russian Federation

Weapons: Various Russian,
Uniform: Summer Ratnik (with CBRN kit),
Vehicles: Various BTR and BMP types, T-72, T-90.

Recent Events:

See original Submission HERE


To re-establish communication with command and to destroy British equipment before escaping from Zarzibash.


- Move to FOB Protector,
This is where the NBC suits were getting delivered, it won't be possible to move further in to the city without getting them. The interior of the base will have been a priority target for the gas attack so may be dangerous. We will need to limit time in the base until we find the suits. There is also likely to be ammo there.

- Destroy the Radio Jammer,
The jammer is more than likely the reason why we can't communicate with command. If we destroy this, they may be able to provide valuable intel. This is also likely to be a command post so we might get intel regarding fuel deliveries.

- Destroy the Warriors at the Field HQ,
These are the newest iteration of the new Warriors, we should not let these be left in enemy hands.

- Use the Hercules to Escape from the city,
This is our only chance to escape, crashing is better than starving to death.

Situation Civilians:

All dead from the toxic gas.

Additional Information:

We are entering a city which is engulphed in toxic gas, it can and will kill you. 

Command roles have been outfitted with 'threat detectors' which will alert you as to how bad the environment is in the following format:

Green: No CBRN gear needed
Yellow: Gas mask needed
Orange: Full CBRN suit needed
Red: Supply of fresh air needed

We only have an hours worth of oxygen each so don't waste it.

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