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7:20 PM Sat 31st Jul 2021 (GMT/UTC +1.0)
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By: [TWC]Ross

Era: Future MMO
Forcetype: Orbital Infantry/ Air Assault
Vehicles: SOEIV Human Entry Vehicle (HEV) + 3x AV-14 Hornet
Attachment: D77H-TCI/AV Pelican Troop Transport + Spartan Team

Operation Start: 31/07/2503
Current Weather:
Future Weather:
Map: No Map Required

Conflict Overview:

Originally, the breakaway movements started as disquiet against the Colonial Administration Authority's oversight of the Outer Colonies, with the colonists tired of the organization's often overbearing bureaucracy. The rebel movement first started as peaceful protests, and after years of frustrating negotiations, some groups began to use more forceful methods, eventually abandoning diplomacy in favor of terrorist tactics and soon morphed into a highly organised hostile force under the red fist of the United Rebel Front (URF).

Initially confined to a few systems, the fighting spread across human-controlled space in only several years.Though they started out targeting only military and Colonial Administration targets, as the UNSC counterinsurgency operations known collectively as Operation Kaleidoscope began.

OPFOR: The United Rebel Front
Well organised, trained and equipped Rebel Faction.
Usually Green Uniform, Armour and Helmet (See Kaleidoscope Information), UNSC weapons and Vehicles usually with painted Red Fist logo. Occasionally use civilian trucks for transport.

Special forces wear grey or green and orange armour with enclosed helmet.

Occasionally support by local militia in civilian attire

BLUFOR: United Nations Space Command Army, Navy and Air Force
Black or Dark Green Combat Dress.
Variety of Weapons and Vehicles.

Recent Events:

8 weeks ago, the URF seized control of the farming and industrial world of Madrigal from the UNSC in a large-scale invasion. The UNSC immediately dispatched the 7th Fleet to retake the world and reestablish a colonial presence in the solar system. TWC Squad, Part of the   21st Space Assault Orbital Drop Shock Trooper (ODST) Battalion aboard the UNSC All Under Heaven will drop from orbit and spearhead the counter invasion. Meanwhile, the UNSC Jutland will move into orbit and deploy the 523rd TWC Light Attack Vertical Squadron to aid the ODST Troopers.

CIVILIANS: Most were evacuated when the invasion began, the rest are thought to have joined the rebels

To Spearhead the Invasion of Madrigal by targeting key installations and URF Personelle.

DESTROY Hostile AA Positions at the Airfield
Scans suggest that the airfield is lightly guarded, however the insurrectionist AA positions to the West and East of the Airfield is stopping our air forces from assaulting. TWC should drop on to the airfield and destroy the AA to allow further UNSC forces and the air supporting TWC Squad to land.

SECURE The Airfield
The buildings at the airfield should be cleared to allow for an on world staging base to be established here.

CLEAR the Ruins area
Intel suggests that a  URF Terrorist is hiding in the ruins of the first colony on Madrigal trying to get a Shiva Class Nuclear Missile working. We can’t risk an orbital strike, find the nuke and capture or kill the terrorist. A logistics Pelican and bomb squad will move in once the area is clear.

CLEAR the Resort
This is thought that this resort is being used as a command post by the URF, either way scans are showing a heavy rebel presence. The resort should be cleared.

SECURE the Space Elevator Complex
Previous experience has suggested that the URF may attempt to sabotage the space elevator if it becomes clear that they are losing the battle. Secure the complex and wait for further orders.

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