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Operation BITING
7:20 PM Sat 25th Sep (GMT/UTC +1.0)
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Operation BITING
By: Jack

Era: WW2
Forcetype: Airborne (Starting after drop)
Vehicles: TBA
Attachment: Boys AT Rifle x 1

Operation Start: February 28th 1942 05:00
Current Weather: Clear
Future Weather: Clear
Map: Bray Dunes

Conflict Overview:
After the end of the Battle of France and the evacuation of British troops from Dunkirk during Operation Dynamo, much of our war production and efforts have been channelled into RAF Bomber Command and the strategic bombing offensive against Germany. However, bomber losses on each raid are beginning to increase during 1941, which intelligence concludes is due to German use of advanced radar equipment.
By examining leaked German documents, crashed Luftwaffe bombers, Enigma decryptions, and through German prisoner of war interrogations, we have discovered that high-frequency radio signals are being transmitted across Britain from somewhere on the Continent. Known as the "Freya-Meldung-Freya" array, named after the ancient Norse goddess. From reconnaissance pictures taken by the RAF near Cap d'Antifer in Normandy – We have proof of these FREYA installations which provide an inaccurate broad range system complimented by a second array short range accurate system known as the "Wurzburg". The Goal of this operation is to gather Intel in order develop counter measures to both these systems and if possible destroy the sites once the install has been gathered.

OPFOR: Standard Wehrmacht Infantry regiments, Luftwaffe Field Divisions (Including a Company of Luftwaffe Fallschirmjäger) and a small number of SS officers sent to "evaluate local party support". There is also a recon battalion at Wyport 16 miles away so keep your Gammon bombs handy if things go south.
Weapons: Standard Issue German Weaponry
Uniform: Each service's respective uniforms
Vehicles: Kubelwagan Patrols (MG34), SDFK 222

BLUFOR: 1st Airborne Division
Weapons: Sten Mk.II, No4 Mk1 Lee Enfield, No. 36 MK 1 (Mills bombs), No.82 MK 1 (Gammon bombs), 
Equipment: No.77 (Smoke Grenades), No. 1 Mk III Signal Pistol
Uniform: MK2 paratrooper helms, P37 Uniform, P37 Blanco Webbing

Recent Events:
This is the first Airborne drop of our brand new 1st Airbourne division. After the disaster that was Operation Colossus it is vital that we prove the necessity of our service. The Boffins at Bletchley need this tech to help our RAF boys get one over on Gerry in the air. Our job is to get in there get what they need and get out again. The war is at a critical point and the Germans are feeling the heat. Lets show them what us Airborne boys are made of Utrinque Paratus!

Population:  Minimal civilian presence
Allegiance:  Partially populated area, highly militarized

• Weapons Yellow
• Pick engagements
• Aggressive tactics (if we take too long this will provide time for re-enforcements) 
• Objective zones clear of civilians. Explosive use authorised 
• No military prisoners, high value civilians only (Scientists at objective sites)


• Link up with the other platoons
• Capture intel on Wurzburg Radar from Luftwaffe safe houses
• Secure the river crossing to cut off reinforcements 
• Recover captured supply drop
• Capture the FREYA station 
• Hold the FREYA station until needed intel can be recovered
• Blow up the FREYA station and Wurzburg RADAR
• Extract to the landing craft

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Operation HALBERD
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