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Operation DENTING
7:20 PM Sat 2nd Oct (GMT/UTC +1.0)
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Operation DENTING

By: Saxon

Era: Modern
Forcetype: Air Mobility
Vehicles: Chinook HC2
Attachment: AH1 Apache

Operation Start: 16:00
Current Weather: Clear
Future Weather: Clear
Map: Fallujah

Conflict Overview:
The 2002 Invasion of Takistan eventually turned into a protracted guerrilla war. The islamist elements already present in the former Takistani regime gained incresing power in what came to be known as the Azadim-Movement. The Azadim see the foreigners in their country as invaders and the current Takistani Government as illegitimate. The Takistani Defence Force, formed by the coalition after the new democratic regime was inaugrated, was unablke to stem the tide, especially with foreign suport diminishing more and more.

Now the international support for Takistan has come to an end, with all coalition countries retreating their military forces after nearly 20 years of constant war. The Americans had already evacuated their forces from the capital Fallujah last year, leaving the British as the largest force at the airport nearby the city.

OPFOR: Azadim Insuegents
Various local cloths, partly with webbing. Some regular Uniforms.
Various weaponry.

BLUFOR: Takistani Defence Forces

Recent Events:
The Azadim forces have been advancing on the capital, Fallujah almost unoposed. While some TDF units hold out, many have either surrendered, fled or even joined the Azadim. This morning they have entered Fallujah and control large parts of the city.
In an informal agreement, the Azadim have permitted the use of the Fallujah Air field for evacuation of Coalition forces. They have not permitted them to enter the city however.

CIVILIANS: Present, allegiance largely Pro-Coalition

Evacuate Coalition personell and local aides.
Destroy documents and material that could aid the Azadim.

Evacuate Nationals
Several British Nationals have been instructed to wait in their accomodations for our forces to evacuate them to the airport.
In the Shurta District, we have two (2) Britons to evacuate.
The hotel in Muhandisin hold ten (10) of our civilians.

Evacuate Allies
Members of the Takistani Defence Force Special Forces have been hiding in safe houses, waiting for us to evacuate them.

Secure Documents
Governmental and NGO Documets would be highly compromising for our allies remaining in Takistan, we must secure them for ourselves.

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Operation HALBERD
0 Days, 2 Hours, 9 Minutes and 51 Seconds
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