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Operation SHADOW
7:20 PM Sat 15th Jan (GMT/UTC +1.0)
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Operation Shadow
By: Aleyboy

Era: Millennial 
Forcetype: Air Mobile
Vehicles: Merlin Helicopter
Attachment: None

Operation Start: 04:00 12.06.2006
Current Weather: Clear Skies, Low Lying Coastal Fog
Future Weather: Clear Skies
Map: United Sahrani (Ops Repo)

Conflict Overview:
Following the 9/11 attacks, a small US Army advisory force was deployed to Southern Sahrani to assist in training the Royal Army Corps of Sahrani and prevent terrorist groups from using the island as a staging ground for attacks against North America. Northern Sahrani, a longtime socialist regime with ties to the former USSR, heavily protested the US presence.
After a four-year long deployment the US Army advisory force packed up and left the island, shortly after which the North readied its entire army for a full scale invasion of the South.

North Sahrani, The Sahrani Liberation Army
Uniform: SLA’s own woodland, desert, and urban camouflage patterns. Some olive coloured body armour and SSh 68 steel helmets. 
Weapons: AK-74, AK-74U, SVD, PKM, RPG, 7V
Vehicles: UAZ, Ural, BRDM, BMP, BTR, Shilka, T-72, Mi-17

The British Army
Uniform: DPM Camouflage, 
Weapons: L85A2, L86A2 LSW, L110A2 Minimi, LAW-80, M72A6
Vehicles: Merlin Helicopter

Recent Events:
The North launched its invasion on June 10th and the remaining US Forces, mostly logistics units who were under equipped for combat, were caught completely off-guard. The SLA quickly took control of the border town of Corazol and having encountered greater numbers than expected, US and RACS forces were forced into a full retreat. After two days of fighting the US and RACS forces became surrounded in Paraíso, Southern Sahrani’s Capital.

During the invasion the SLA managed to capture the King of Sahrani’s son, Crown Prince Orlando. We know where he is being held.

The leader of North Sahrani, Prime Minister Torrez, is set to tour the South after capturing it in just two days. Local news sources released a picture of Torrez in a hotel lobby, and with this we’ve managed to narrow his position down to one of four hotels on Southern Sahrani.

Capture Prime Minister Torrez to aid in bringing the Sahrani Conflict to a close and rescue Crown Prince Orlando

Primary Objectives -
CAPTURE Prime Minister Torrez, he is located at one of four locations:
Objective Avon
Objective Derwent
Objective Spey
Objective Tyne

SECURE Crown Prince Orlando, he is located in a prison camp in North Sahrani:
Objective Hercules

Optional / Secondary Objectives - 

CLEAR SLA Supply/Vehicle depots:
Objective Olympus
Objective Pegasus

CLEAR SLA Barracks:
Objective Centaurus

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