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Operation Hearts
8:20 PM Sat 26th Mar 2022 (GMT/UTC +1.0)
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                                              Operation HEARTS

Era: WW2 (Post war decolonisation)
Force type: Motorised
Vehicles: M5A1 Half Track, 
Situation-Outline: Counter Insurgency Operation deep in hostile territory
Operation Start: 05/06/1952, 06:30
Current Weather: Clear, overnight heavy rain
Forecast: Dry, Clear
Map: @cambodia

Conflict Overview: Post WW2 a communist insurgency flourished in Malaya from 1948 to 1950. in 1951 Sir Harold Rawdon Briggs brings a new plan and a new perspective. Coining the now famous "Hearts & Minds" strategy Briggs plans to win the majority of the population by not only working towards the county’s independence but also working with the local police forces to protect the population and step up search and destroy missions.

Opfor: MPABA

Uniform: IJA uniforms field dyed Green, Daisy May style jungle hats
Tactics: Ambush tactics, Mines, Guerrilla warfare, shoot and scoot, mortar attacks, sniper attacks
Small arms: Majority Japanese arms but some American, British and Chinese equipment.
Heavy equipment: Anti-personnel mines, Bazooka's, AT grenades, 76mm Mortars,
Vehicles: Japanese/Kuomintang trucks and a small number of salvaged Japanese tanks (condition unknown)


Many Civilians have been evacuated out of rural villages in order to cut the MPABA's access to food and supplies. Civilians will be present in the larger settlements
Civilian presence in red zone is marked on the map as an objective.
Malayan Police and Home guard regiments

Blufor: British Army (Malay Forces)

British Army (TWC)
Uniform: P37 Jungle fatigues, Wide brimmed hats and Mk2/3 Helmets (ANZAC's have light blue shirts)
Tactics: COIN tactics,

Malayan Police
Uniform: khaki shirts, navy berets,
khaki trousers and green caps for the officers.
Tactics: Civilian police and garrison duties
Equipment: STEN submachine gun, Webley mk6 revolver, shotguns and M1A1 Carbines (purchased from the United States)

Recent Events: 1951 and the Briggs plan begins. The MPABA  are sitting on a huge stockpile of Japanese arms. We have received intelligence that they are planning to make the move. We have been provided with an armoured attachment to investigate this threat and to burn the Communists out of the jungle.

  • Search and Destroy Insurgents Forces
  • Travel on roads where possible
  • Relocate civilians
  • Provide assistance to civilian population where possible
  • Arrest Chinese civilians

1. Recover stolen weapons:
⦁ Load stolen British equipment and rtb (If equipment cannot be recovered then it must be destroyed)
2. Clear out repair depot
⦁ Clear Repair depot
⦁ Destroy any insurgent equipment found
3. Search Chinese squatter village "Phnom Santhuk Santheab"
⦁ Arrest any remaining civilians (10 total)
⦁ RTB with as many live prisoners as possible (PRIMARY)
⦁ If attacked repel enemy if possible but not the cost of the primary objective

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