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6:00 PM Sat 13th Aug 2022 (GMT/UTC +1.0)
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By: Crabb and Scroto

Era: Cold War
Forcetype: Dismouted
Vehicles: None
Attachment: None

Operation Start: 1968 - 06:20
Current Weather: Slight fog and overcast
Future Weather: Less fog but more overcast
Mods: Operations and Trainings Repo, Map- @khoramashahr

Conflict Overview:
After the first war over the Suez canal, The British had continued it's military and economic efforts in the Suez region, to try and stop this from happening again, but with talks in the international committee that the British might be trying too hard to make it a major source of political and economical leverage for it's future in the international stage, there is a movement to kick the British out and bring a more equal power balance in the canal area. The British, in trying not to damage their image has started to step down their military efforts to show that they are serious to their commitment to the eastern and international relationships. But the Egyptians have taken this opportunity to launch an attack on the region. Parament have released the BEF to begin moving into the Suez canal first and then sweep into the rest of Egypt to put the current government out of action, and secure their assets in the country. It is the job for the remaining troops in the area to hold on for as long as they can, to provide more time and tactical advantage for the arriving BEF.

OPFOR: Egyptian Army
A mix of Uniforms, desert, greens and a mix of both. AK styled weaponry with UGL's and RPG's
Armour: BMP'S, BTR's and T55's

BLUFOR: British forces
The same as us.

CIVILIANS: They are trying to get out, but some still remain in the city.

Recent Events:    TWC was sent on a routine patrol near the forward FOB (Defensive position 1) when two MIG-21's passed overhead. Artillery started going off near them targeting the defensive position to their North East. Vehicles could be heard rumbling in the distance and a short which after gunshots from the defensive position could be heard.

WALRUS, the task force C in C got in contact with TWC. "Hello TWC, this is WALRUS. I need to get to Position 1 and defend for as long as you can, pull back to the second Position when you need to and the third Position if things are really getting desperate, we need to have a foothold for when the rest of the BEF arrives. Good luck. Out

Intent: Our Intent is to hold in the city for as long as possible whilst the BEF makes it's way over to stomp out the Egyptian advances.

Go to Defensive Position 1
When you can no longer hold 1, Fall back to Position 2
Repeat for Defensive Position 3

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