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Operation PAIN
7:20 PM Sat 3rd Sep 2022 (GMT/UTC +1.0)
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Operation PAIN

By: [TWC] Crabb

Era: Mondern 2010's
Forcetype: Motorised/Dismounted
Vehicles: Mastifs
Attachment: Platoon Mortar
Support: 1x Apache (CAS), 1x Chinook (MEDIVAC)

Operation Start: Early Morning 
Current Weather: Clear
Future Weather: Clear
Mods Needed: Operations and Trainings Repo, Map: @Sangin, @jbad

Conflict Overview:
During the year 2011, a resurgence to bring more troops to the country of Afganistan and finsih the war has become a top prioity for a lot of contries from NATO, mostly impacting the countries of the US and GBR. These forces have recently arrived and the Objective, as well and building the country of Afganistan we are also to drive out the Taliban once and for all!

OPFOR: Taliban
The Taliban can wear anything, they use AK style weaponry, and RPG's. They are also experts at making and using IED's. Keep an eye out.

BLUFOR: ###Friendly###
This is a british held zone, wearing MTP with british weaponry. Air support is also in the AO

Recent Events:
TWC platoon has just arrived in the area and taken over for the Yorkshire Regiment who are now off home. After this short overlap where we were taken out on patrols by the Regiment, TWC want to dominate the ground, find out how much taliban are in the area and discover their fighting ability and take the fight to them. 

To do this 2nd Section from TWC platoon moved in the early hours of the morning (On Foot), set about creating a Proven Rute and set up a defensive position in a compound in the Talibans back garden. Due to the nature of their movement only a limited amount of ammunition was able to be taken to the compound. 

CIVILIANS: They have taken to leaving the area, this is a sign that something is about to happen.

Our intent for this mission is to:

Find out how many taliban there are in the area
Find out their fighting ability.
To Dominate the ground and show that we are not here to mess around
To Detroy the presnece of Taliban in the area.

1 2nd Section must Hold and Destroy the Tabliban
2 1st Section, you are to patrol through the town on the Proven Route and make your way to 2nd Section to resupply them.
3 Return to base unless told otherwise

Commander Please Note:
The Apache is available once an hour and can be in the air for 5 mins before returning to base

The Chinook (MEDIVAC) is available whenever you need it but you have to clear an area for the helicopter to land and pop a coloured smoke where you would like it.

The only Hospital facility is it base, and will not move, it is going to be a task for you to get the medic in the right place at the right time!

If you loose an asset due to it being shot down, then you no longer will have that support!

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