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By: [TWC]Aleyboy

Era: Cold War
Forcetype: COIN Air Mobile
Vehicles: Puma HC1
Attachment: GPMG MMG Team

Operation Start: 12/07/1973 0400
Current Weather: Light Fog
Future Weather: Clear
Map: Rosche

Conflict Overview:
The Northern Ireland conflict, later known as 'The Troubles', is a period of sectarian violence and politically driven conflict initiated in the late 60s. Characterised by many acts of terrorism, primarily by nationalist and unionist paramilitaries, the conflict is rooted in historical and political tensions between Northern Ireland's Protestant majority, who wanted to remain part of the United Kingdom, and it's Catholic Minority, who sought unification with the Republic of Ireland.

Recent Events:
The IRA have established a strong foothold in the countryside of County Rosche, Northern Ireland. By planting IEDs throughout the region, they're aiming to reduce or totally prevent British operations in the area. With the local populace on the IRA, side any explosives that are removed by British forces are quickly replanted.

British intelligence has determined three main actors connected to IED production within the region. These actors are to be detained and questioned to find where explosives are being made. There is a known IRA stronghold, disguised as a logging facility, where we should be able to find where they live to detain them.

Situation BLUFOR: British Army, COIN
Uniform: Green Jumper Uniform, Flak Vest, Beret, Pattern 58 Large Pack
Weapons: L1A1 SLR, L4 Bren, Sterling Mk.4, L7A1 GPMG
Vehicles: Puma HC1

Situation OPFOR: The Irish Republican Army
Uniform: Most wear civilian type clothing, some wear various camouflage patterns. Almost all have some sort of face covering, e.g. balaclavas or bandanas. Expect some carrying systems, e.g. simple webbing or battle belts.
Weapons: Expect any array of weaponry, eastern and western weapon systems are known to be in use. The IRA will use whatever weapons they can get their hands on.
Vehicles: Expect civilian type vehicles, some that are modified to support mounted weapons. No known armour threat. No known air threat.

Outside of the Logging Facility, the IRA threat increases the further south you go.

Situation CIVILIAN:
The majority of the local populace are on side with the IRA. Whilst they are not likely to be aggressive towards British forces on sight, expect them to become aggressive if you start taking action within their villages. Be aware, some civilians may be armed.

Situation HVT:
The three actors we are looking for are Sean Donnelly, Lewis O'Malley, and Rian MacCabe. We are striking early in the morning so we can expect them all to be at home. Ensure the three men are brought back to the HQ tent ALIVE and unharmed. Should any HVT be killed in action, continue to extract their body.

Prevent IED Production within the region


RAID the Logging Facility
We believe that somewhere in the logging facility will reveal the location of the three actors that need to be detained.

DETAIN Sean Donnelly
Detain Sean Donnelly and return him to the HQ tent for questioning.

DETAIN Lewis O'Malley
Detain Lewis O'Malley and return him to the HQ tent for questioning.

DETAIN Rian MacCabe
Detain Rian MacCabe and return him to the HQ tent for questioning.

SECURE the IED Factory
Once the three actors have been interrogated, we should learn the location of the IED Factory. Move there, neutralise any IRA threat, and Secure the factory.

Standing Orders:

Avoid unnecessary destruction of civilian property, and do not enter their homes without good reason.

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