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Operation RIFLE
7:20 PM Sat 1st Apr (GMT/UTC +1.0)
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Operation RIFLE

By: [TWC]Chaza

Era: 2020's
Forcetype: Air Mobile - Merlin
Vehicles: None
Attachment: 81mm Mortar

Operation Start: 0500 hrs
Current Weather: Clear
Map: North Takistan

Conflict Overview:
After pulling of of Afghanistan, the international community became increasingly intollerant of the Taliban's poor humanitarian record. Tensions escalated following the failure for Tabliban leaders to secure a MSF vaccination site which resulted in multiple western civilians being seriously injured and killed.

A NATO taskforce has been deployed to secure the area, resulting in a response by the Taliban. As we are far from a significant urban area, there is no sign of the looted MRAP's and other western kit the taliban have inherited from the fleeing taskforce/

OPFOR: Taliban
Weapons: Taliban with Soviet era weaponary. Static MANPAD emplacements. Static MG's
Uniform: Mixed robes and webbing
Vehicles: Hilux's and lightly armoured vehicles

BLUFOR: US Armed Forces
Weapons: AR-15 style weapons
Uniform: Army/USMC Camo
Vehicles: US vehicles

Recent Events:
US Airborne dropped on Rasman 24 hrs ago to take the airbase and deny any taliban air support. A no-fly zone is in effect above the area due to the intense shelling by US forces in the area. 1st Platoon TWC is deployed to the area to assist US forces in clearing though the northern valley.

Be advised - Taliban forces have deployed numerous Igla positions on the hills. Primarilly they are worried about US jets but if you fly high, you will likely be engaged. Keep the helo down low and use your fire support to engage them when you PID the positions. Approx locations are marked on your map.

Population: Fled
Allegiance: N/A

QRF to FOB Salt
The US held FOB in Mantiq got attacked a short while ago. Move to defend it now. It can then be used as a fire base once US forces arrive.

Destroy Artillery in Chaman
There is some sort of Artillery nearby in the town of Chaman. Move to destroy it before it can fire on Rasman.

Recapture Firebase Zeus
This firebase was overrun when the Taliban took control of the region. Recapture it to allow your fire support to move east.

Clear the Sniper camps
The area to the east is known as "The Death Forest" by US forces who were stationed in the area in '08. The same area is still being used to train Taliban snipers. UAV's have been unable to detect the exact location in the heavy forest, but local intel suggests there are two camps in the area.

Clear FOB Tempest
This final FOB was taken over by the Taliban some time ago and is a threat to US forces to the west. Clear it out
Clear Kushkak Administration buildings.

The town to the east is the regional HQ. You need to clear the business area near the river which hosts the administration offices for the region.

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