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TWC Monthly News
0 Comments · Likes · Like · 4th Nov
Quote of the Month
“Do we know what happened there or did everything just go to sh*t?”- Rasmuski, Operation Thunder

Operations Summary
October 2020 was a five week month, conveniently ending with an MMO on Halloween. It was also an excellent month for showcasing the wide variety of operations undertaken by TWC.

3rd October- Operation ARTYOM by Lockoncap
Set in a post-apocalyptic city, Operation Artyom was an excellent mission which made use of a new script for radiation created by Rik. Our objectives were to enter the city and find supplies while avoiding pockets of radiation left over from a nuclear strike. Also present were Russian soldiers who formed the enemy forces. MVP for the enemy side was the AT soldier who managed to score a fantastic kill on DMan with a well placed RPG. Stay tuned for Operation RASVELG made by Lockon for this November’s Modern Op.

10th October- Operation THUNDER by Sarge
Cold War Week saw us taking the role of a British Mechanised Platoon defending Germany against the Soviet Russian invasion. We took heavy losses which resulted in this month’s quote but managed to pull through and complete the majority of the objectives.

17th October- Operation GROUSE by Ross
This month's World War 2 Operation took the form of a Zeus Op featuring a single section of infantry and a Sherman Firefly tank. The overall goal was to break through the Nazi lines and cause some havok; after some bitter fighting through a heavily fortified town, this task was completed and TWC forces were able to capture an enemy officer complete with questionable German accent. Special shoutout goes to the supporting artillery who was so on the ball that shells were landing before the last coordinates were given. This Op marked the first event attended by Hawk who fit seamlessly into the team, welcome to TWC Hawk.

24th October- Operation SLUZBHA by Mallas
This Op marked the first of the new ‘Member Mystery Operation’ since the new cycle was announced but ended up being made by management. The Op saw us take the role of a Soviet Motorised infantry Platoon during their Afghanistan campaign, we all got the chance to marvel over the ‘efficiency’ of having a single person command both the squad and the vehicle. We also had the pleasure of having an attack jet attachment on this op and I can guarantee you that there were no civilian casualties...This event also saw the return of Seska after a long hiatus from TWC. Welcome back Seska!

30th October- Operation SHAKEN TREE by 3 Commando Brigade
Friday the 30th saw TWC take a renewed jump into the Joint Ops world. 11 members took part in an Operation hosted by the 3 Commando Brigade where we formed part of a Royal Marine Company. The basis of the mission was to break out friendly forces who were encircled by Belorussian forces. Also involved were the Royal Danish Forces (RDF) making it a three way joint event. It was an excellent experience to be involved in such a large scale offensive and was interesting to see how these other groups operate.

31st October- Operation SUNRISE by Mallas
Halloween day meant MMO day and this one meant that we took the plunge into the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. universe complete with exosuits and fancy face masks. Our mission was to make contact with the free STALKER camp in Chernobyl and  investigate the experiments being carried out by the government in the area. This Op was the first for Eeleex in his TWC career, welcome to TWC Eeleex.

Award of the Month

The Blitzkrieg Award for Speedy Progress

Awarded to Rik for leading us so well in the Joint Op with 3CB that we outran our other sections and supplies.

Public Server Summary

This month we’ve seen quite a lot of action with the Russian forces, both in the 1970’s on insurgency and in the present on Annexation. The Russian sniper team was trialled for the first time with good results and we had a laugh trying to wrap our heads around Soviet Russian mechanized tactics/vehicles. One day we’ll learn how to range RPG’s, then we’ll be unstoppable

Screenshot of the Month

Submitted by Ross: Team 2 enjoying taking the weight off during Operation Sunrise while being serenaded by Saxon.

If you would like to submit an entry to any of next month’s ‘X of the Month’ categories, please contact a member of the recruiting team. This is a trial edition of the news letter so any feedback good or bad would be very welcome.

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[TWC] Mr T 16:00
Looking like a pretty full OP for Saturday and Tooit is back!
[TWC] Mc_Jazza 3rd Dec
Great bit of pub that, soz I had to dash. Cheers all
[TWC] Aleyboy 3rd Dec
Pub tonight too leggo
[TWC] Björn 3rd Dec
i will be doing section command training tonight
Captain Austalia 3rd Dec
Go through the process
Captain Austalia 3rd Dec
Vieira 3rd Dec
gimme back member pls dady
[TWC] Hobbs 2nd Dec
Captain Austalia 2nd Dec
Pub tonight??/
Badger 1st Dec
Ah, damn. I'm in a D&D game in an hour.
[TWC] Hobbs 1st Dec
about 2 hours from now
Badger 1st Dec
What time is Public starting?
[TWC] Aleyboy 1st Dec
Public tonight!
[TWC] Theo Papas 1st Dec
hi back
Vieira 1st Dec
I'm back.
[TWC] Hobbs 29th Nov
Pub time
[TWC] Hobbs 29th Nov
In a couple hours yeah, im not up for another 7 hour jobbie lol
[TWC] Condoxy 29th Nov
[TWC] Aleyboy 29th Nov
Public tonight legggoooo
[TWC] Sarge 29th Nov
"Du Preez" I see we are growing our South African contingent
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