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5 days ago [TWC] Harry replied to the topic SPECTRE Pictures and Videos https://i.imgur....
27th Oct [TWC] Harry created a new topic [Reshmann Isurgency 90's] Pilot Bug
[Date/Time] 27/10 2300 [Expected Behaviour] Pilot can fly the Chinook [Actual Be...
27th Oct [TWC] Harry is attending the event Operation WRIGLEY
12th Oct [TWC] Harry replied to the topic DCS
Will be setting up a session this sunday at 1800GMT. Everyone is free to join. i...
9th Oct [TWC] Harry replied to the topic Anyone play Runescape?
I go backnto it every now and then (mostly OSRS)
9th Oct [TWC] Harry replied to the topic DCS
No bose. You bought Persian Gulf yesterday...
6th Sep [TWC] Harry replied to the topic [Suggestion] - More MERT team helis
In favour, except the Mi24. Purely due to it being armed.
1st Jul [TWC] Harry replied to the topic DCS
So Hobbs' PC is RIP with DCS. but for those interested, I am happy to organise s...
23rd Jun [TWC] Harry replied to the topic DCS
Su25- TF51. Huge map> wouldnt say that is fuck all for a free game
25th May [TWC] Harry replied to the topic How to PASS Sniper Training with ONE SIMPLE TRICK
The Black Knight Always Prevails!

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'Who can be bothered to learn the Acrylic alphabet?' - Ghostie3k
'As they say, Potato Pototo.' - JEFRO
'In the APC tower' Lockoncap (needs clarification)
'You don't get a full KFC from chicken' Paddock

Winston Churchill to Lady Astor: “I may be drunk, Miss, but in the morning I will be sober and you will still be ugly.”

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