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6 days ago [TWC] Theo Papas is attending the event Operation MEASE
10th Aug [TWC] Theo Papas replied to the topic DAWES Pictures and Videos
30th Jun [TWC] Theo Papas created a new topic Basic Training 01/07 Thursday 5pm UK Time
Hello kids, On behalf of TWC I would like to welcome all of our new recruits. F...
22nd Jun [TWC] Solitare befriended [TWC] Theo Papas
7th Jun [TWC] Theo Papas replied to the topic Hey Guys, inactive member here.
Welcome back chief
23rd May [TWC] Theo Papas replied to the topic COMPASS Pictures and Videos
21st May [TWC] Theo Papas received the award Armour Commander

This member is qualified to command armoured vehicles in operations. Requires Si...

18th May [TWC] Theo Papas replied to the topic Armor Crew Training 20/5 Thursday 18:00 UK time
I would be up to do vehicle commander training
25th Apr [TWC] Theo Papas replied to the topic Friday game night
This is a cool idea! I remember Bose started this in which every Wednesday we wo...
1st Apr [TWC] Theo Papas replied to the topic TWC Pawnstars
im in

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