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Registration Agreement
Rules & Attitude

This post is subject to change at any time and in agreeing to these rules you must accept that. It is your responsibility to check this post if you are ever unsure. 

Just because a rule is not in this list, does not mean it does not apply. Anything listed on the rest of the site as a "rule" by TWC management is also a valid rule. 


Before a list of rules or regulations or anything of that sort, a TWC member should act within the fundamental conduct & atmosphere of the group.

TWC members/recruits should treat each other and public players with respect and dignity, even beyond that of what they may deserve.

They should always try to act and talk in a way that will promote the most positive, calm, and welcoming environment. They should think before speaking, typing, or acting and give people the benefit of the doubt.

They should never be insulting, sexist, racist, misogynistic, sectarian, or ableist in any environment where it would not be clearly understood by all present as a joke.

The TWC environment should be an environment in which all are one group. No super-secret-no others-allowed internal groups, no cliques, no clubs, or anything else resembling this.


• Members/recruits can only be a member of TWC while they are not a member of any other group/clan/unit/outfit/community that plays any of the following: Operation Flashpoint, ArmA, ArmA 2, IF: Liberation 1944, arma 3, Dayz SA. Any DLCs or variants of these games are counted, and participating in operations or any other non-public events at these groups counts  • Members/recruits  are  permitted to play on different public servers than TWC for these games, but only if you uphold the TWC attitude at all times, use the same name, and this playtime does not match or exceed the time that you play on the TWC server for  • Members/recruits should keep a consistent and non-changing name ingame, on TeamSpeak, and on the website. Contact management if you have issues with this  • Members should wear their [TWC] tag via the squad xml at all times, even on other servers  • Members/recruits may not make any accounts representing, impersonating or imitating TWC on any websites, be it a clan registry website, YouTube, steam, or other such social media  • Member/recruits must not discuss rule violations or strikes with anyone else, member/recruit or not  • Members/recruits accept that the only guarantee in TWC is the public server and if they wish to become members, they must enjoy the public server playstyle  • Members/recruits should uphold the TWC attitude at all times, described above  • If a member/recruit wishes to remove themselves from TWC, you must inform management first and foremost before making it public. Trying to leave in the loudest & most obnoxious way possible will result in a server ban.  


• Members/recruits must own ArmA III  • Hacking will result in immediate banning  • Players must not purposely exploit a bug, flaw, or workaround to do something that they know was not intended to be done by the game developer, mission developer, or mod developer  • This is a teamwork-oriented server. Lonewolfing is unacceptable  • Players must never intentionally teamkill teammates, or intentionally murder civilians  • Immersion is a core part of TWC gameplay. Players should not exploit game mechanics or UI to break immersion, such as an operation creator giving spoilers, someone telling everyone else who died by checking their TeamSpeak, or other such immersion breaking actions.

I accept the terms of service and privacy policy: