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Operation SHAH
9:20 PM Sat 3rd Oct 2015 (GMT/UTC +1.0)
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Operation SHAH

Retrieve the corpse of a British general from a region engulfed in civil war.


During the first World War the decorated British general Peter O'Toole fell against the Ottomans in the Al Rayak region. In accordance to his will he was buried near the place where he died and due to his popularity with the locals this has not sparked any conflicts.However now, 100 years later, the Al Rayak region is engulfed in fighting between the government and the local branch of the so called 'Islamic State'. While Our relations with the local government aren't quite cordial, they have allowed us to land in the territory they control and granted us permission to retrieve the body of general O'Toole, before the 'Islamic State' defaces his grave.

Our mission is to retrieve the corpse of general O'Toole. In order to do this we have to break through the front line at one of the two passes in the north. We then have to proceed behind enemy lines and up 'IS's eastern supply route to reach the grave site. We are then to exhume the corpse, load it into our vehicle and return to out base at the Shore.

- Retrieve the body of O'Toole from his grave and bring it to our base at the coast

Enemy Force:

The local government engaged 2 companies in our area of operation:
One of them advanced along the coast and took XXX not too long ago. It consisted of a mechanized platoon supported by a T-72, as well as 2 motorized infantry platoons. It appears that this company also possesses some form of AAA as the government took losses during aerial assaults.  This company pushed on the passes and captured the western one, where they have continued to pour into the surrounding villages. However they did take casualties on their assault, the governmental forces speak of about a section of enemy infantry killed. While they did take the eastern pass as well they were pushed back by the government forces and took heavy losses.

The other company is reportedly the same size and layout however it is currently fighting the governmental forces around XXX and we expect to only encounter a rear guard or supply convoys on out route to the grave.
The 'Islamic State' is well supplied and equipped, their weaponry consisting of old but well maintained Iraqi equipment as well as captured Iraqi HMMWVs.

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3rd Oct 2015
Not sure if my internet is going to hold up for this operation. Just moved to a new apartment.
2nd Oct 2015
Is this going to be another case of last minute 'oh, btw guys, we're now doing cold war lol'

I should be there!
2nd Oct 2015
sorry, cant make it. i´m working
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