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Operatzia RUSALKA
7:20 PM Sat 30th Sep 2017 (GMT/UTC +1.0)
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Операция РУСАЛКА
Cold War Mechanised

Era: Cold War
Forcetype: Mechanised
Vehicles: BMP-1
Attachment: T.B.A.

Operation Start: 9:30 30.9.1987
Current Weather: Clear
Map: Hazar-Kot Valley

Conflict Overview:
Four years ago we deployed forces to Afghanistan to help our Afghani comrades ditch the yoke of feudalism and capitalism. Since then, fighting against the Mujahideen or 'Talibs' has been fierce though whenever we have faced them directly, the invincible Soviet Army has crushed them. Especially our complete and utter air-superiority has dealt significant damage to the Talibs and bombed them back to the holes they came out of.
Recent Events:
Our Company is stationed in the Hazar Kot valley, mostly to protect our supply lines via Hazar-Kedh. This has been our primary task for the past months and we haven't concerned ourselfs too much with the surroundings, as they were quite simply not important to our mission.

Recently there have been several instances of our gunships and planes in the region being shot down, or at least fired at with missiles. To combat this, we've been ordered to make a move against the enemy supply lines and cut off their supply of missiles and ammunition. We have an informant operating in the inner valley, which we have to question about this: One in Wazghar. The inner valley has not been patroled in a while and we suspect a lot of enemy activity there. Furthermore we know that we can only 'safely' access the valley via the pass between Takur Neh-A and Takur Shirak, as the other entrances have been mined by the enemy.

However, a few minutes ago we have received a distress call from an ambushed convoy, not far from our camp. They have fought back the initial attack but the enemy is without doubt on it's way to launch another attack. Helping them takes utmost priority, after that we are to secure the paved road in the region and only then attempt to move into the inner valley. Keeping our own supply lines save has priority over destroying the enemies.
1: Link up with the ambushed convoy and eliminate the attacking force.
2: Clear the paved road in the Hazar-Kot Region.
3: Collect Information on enemy supply lines from the informants at Wazghar.
4: Disrupt the enemy supply lines and secure the enemy MANPADS

Situation Taliban(OpFor)
Weapons: Various
Uniform: Afghanistani Clothing
Vehicles: None

Situation Civilians
Population: Present

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