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Operation FLEETING
9:30 PM Tue 26th Feb 2019 (GMT/UTC +1.0)
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Operation FLEETING
By jayman

Era: Modern (COIN).
Force-type: Motorised.
Vehicles: Land Rovers.
Platoon Assets: UAV.

Operation Start: 06:00, 27/09/2021
Current Weather: Minor Fog.
Future Weather: Minor Fog.
Map: @panthera_a3

Conflict Overview:

Panthera is a small island province of Turkey in the Black Sea. Because of their distance from the capital they were unaffected, but highly critical of Erdogan’s seizure of power since the attempted coup in 2016. Then durring a second attempted coup in 2020 Pantheran nationalists took control and declared their island independent from Turkey.
However, with no-one able to claim legitimacy it quickly became a struggle between reactionaries supported by Russia and communists who are being supported by but are not aligned with NATO. Because of this it has been an unmitigated disaster for the west as civilian mobs, armed insurgents, and one case were Russian soldiers forced NATO troops to control smaller and smaller portions of the islands.
Currently NATO troops have been completely pushed of the main island and have small bases on two of the smaller islands. To support these islands the USS Ford has entered the Black Sea and is off the Southern Coast. However, her Marine group was left behind due to engine troubles on their LHD. They are currently being flow in, but it has caused a large troop and supply shortage. 

Recent Events:
During the commotion of moving the bases off the main island reactionary forces have taken control of several sites in the city of Rontus. Most importantly being the hospital. They have also mined one of the roads connected the two cities. Because of this US Marines have been forced to defend the Southern Bridge the only connection between the US and UK base. Putting further strain on their manpower issues.

1. Clear the reactionary rebels from the city of Rontus.
2. Get the repair equipment from the US base and return it to our broken radar.

Situation OPFOR (Reactionary Forces):
Weapons: AK variants, PKM, RPG.
Uniform: Mixed Civilian Clothing.
Vehicles: Technical, Utility, Jeep.

Situation GREENFOR (Pantheran Peoples Forces):
Weapons: AK Variants, M16 Variants.
Uniform: Mixed Civilian Clothing.
Vehicles: Technical, Utility, Jeep.
Allegiance: Not openly hostile to Blufor. Hostile to all others.
Location: Bazovica and surrounding areas. (Marked on map).

Situation Civilian:
Population: Very Low as most have fled or forced out.
Weapons: AK Variants, unarmed, and other.
Allegiance: Anti-Reactionary, but indifferent to BLUFOR.

Situation BLUFOR (USMC):
Weapons: M4 Variants.
Uniform: Desert Camo.
Vehicles: Utility Trucks, RG-31.
Location: Airport Fortieste.

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