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Operation Revenant: Part 4
9:15 PM Tue 23rd Mar (GMT/UTC +1.0)
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Operation Revenant: Part 4
By [TWC] Ross and [TWC] Aleyboy

Force Outline:
Era: Modern,
Force type: Dismounted,
Vehicles: N/A

Situation Outline:

Operation Start: 0600, 23 March 2021
Current Weather: Clear.
Future Weather: No Change
Map: Altis

Conflict Overview:
In Summer 2020 the Russian Federation took advantage of the chaos caused by the COVID 19 pandemic and began a campaign to regain control of ex Warsaw Pact countries which were lost during the collapse of the Soviet Union. Once these countries fell, the Russian Military turned their eyes on the Mediterranean countries with the long term objective of surrounding Turkey and gaining control of the Eastern Mediterranean.

In December 2020, the Greek Island of Altis was taken to gain a foothold in the area and provide a staging base for further campaigns in the area. NATO was initially taken by surprise by the sudden aggression of Russia but is now getting organised and preparing a counter attack across multiple fronts. The UK sent a task force to take back Altis and the surrounding islands with the overall objective of pushing the enemy back out of the Mediterranean.

Recent Events:
1 Week ago, TWC Platoon was successful in completing the encirclement of a company of infantry including two high ranking officers in Kavala. For the past week TWC Company has been successful in laying siege to the city in an attempt to force the enemy to surrender.

The HMS Bulwark Flotilla has blockaded the harbour from the West and has prevented any evacuation attempt from the city by sea or air. Charlie Company landed to the North of TWC Platoon and is securing the North. Bravo Company attempted an advance in the south but was pushed back but is now holding fast.

In the past few days, it has become apparent that the enemy will not surrender so it was decided to send in a 5 man Special Forces team to Kavala by air to capture the Russian officers in Kavala Castle. Unfortunately, the helicopter was shot down somewhere over the south of Kavala. TWC Platoon should move to secure the crash site, before moving to secure the castle and capture or kill the officers stationed there.

The CSM is on hand and will drive at a safe distance behind the Platoon ready to resupply when needed.

Secure Field HQ at Alpha,
Secure Helicopter Crash Site at Bravo, Check for Survivors,
Capture or Kill Russian Officers at Charlie,

Russian Forces Summary:

Weapons: Various Russian/ Former Soviet Union
Uniform: Modern MSV Uniforms
Vehicles: Various BTR and BMP types, T-72, T-90. Some attack helicopters

Situation Civilians:

Population: High
Allegiance: Mixed. Some support the Russians, others side with NATO

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