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By: Jack

Era: Millenial
Forcetype: Mechanised
Vehicles: FV432 "Trojan" , FV 107 "Scimitar"
Attachment: US Army AH64 Apache

Operation Start: 0800 hours January 1993
Current Weather: Morning Dew
Future Weather: Torrential Rain
Map: @Vinjesvingen

Objectives:⦁ Flank the barricades on the main road
⦁ Re-take FOB ABO and rescue any survivors                 
⦁ Defend FOB ABO      
⦁ Clear the town of Floten of combatants             
⦁ Arrest the Local Warlord  

We have been stationed here on the short Bosnian/Croation coast in order to support wider Royal Engineers build infrastructure and provide escorts to the humanitarian aid headed for civilians caught in the front line and in particular Sarajevo.    
Situation OPFOR:
Weapons: Soviet era small arms, RPG-7's
Uniform: No fixed uniforms
Vehicles: BTR 60's, BTR 80's, T55's and T72's

Situation Civilians:
Population: Sparse civilian population, Some armed civilian and militias
Allegiance: Mixed

Situation BLUFOR:
Weapons: Standard Issue German Small Arms
Uniform: German Army BDU's with UN Blue Helmets
Vehicles: TBA

Situation INDEFOR:
Weapons: Mixed Small Arms
Uniform: No fixed uniforms, (Muslim Militia)
Vehicles: Repurposed Civilian Vehicles
Allegiance: Friendly

Conflict Overview:
This Bosnian war is a small part of the larger conflict that have resulted in the break up of the former Yugoslav state and involve two main combatants, These being the Serbian Nationalists, Croat Nationalists and the Bosnian Muslim forces. Due to the groups involved seeing this as a war of ethnic-religious groups and not as much a war of nations, in their view there is no such thing as a "non combatant". Operation Grapple is UK contingent of the United Nations effort to support Peacekeeping and humanitarian efforts in Bosnia which has been launched in an attempt to stop the extreme violence and war crimes taking place.    

Recent Events:
Reports had been coming back in the last few days, suggesting increased military activity and "civilians" loitering near the site Royal Engineers have begun building the supply road. Last night we lost contact with the FOB and this morning we have received demands from the local Serbian Nationalist commander. We won't negotiate with terrorists and we won't leave our boys behind so that leaves one option, we push through.


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10th May
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[TWC] Ross 11th Jun
I get you if you post on here or the discord people will generally be up for a game but usually in the evening now
[TWC] Joe 11th Jun
Ah ok cool - yeh i was on there this morning but not much you can do on your own...
[TWC] Ross 11th Jun
Yeah usually, it is undergoing a massive overhaul at the moment though so it’s been a bit quieter recently
[TWC] Joe 11th Jun
Does anyone play on the public server anymore?
[TWC] Alec 10th Jun
[TWC] Aleyboy 9th Jun
The rolesheet will be up tomorrow
[TWC] Aleyboy 9th Jun
Next Tuesday will be a revenant Tuesday yes
[TWC] Alec 9th Jun
Are we going to have an Revenant OP next tuesday?
[TWC] Lukey 8th Jun
Join for training scenario
[TWC] Joe 8th Jun
haha yeh I used to chill on the public server to get it seeded most days... probs will do again if my t'interweb ever downloads all the required mods!
[TWC] Ghostie3k 7th Jun
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